Woman Beats Up Swiggy Delivery Boy With Shoes In Madhya Pradesh

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Beats Up Swiggy Delivery Boy With Shoes In Madhya Pradesh

In a recent viral video, a girl was seen beating up a Swiggy delivery boy with shoes in the middle of a road. According to a Free Press Journal report, the incident took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The girl seen in the video was riding her scooty. The delivery guy was coming from the wrong side. His bike accidentally hit the girl’s scooty and she fell down. Getting infuriated, the girl got up and started thrashing the delivery boy. Some people claimed that the girl was talking over the phone while riding her scooty.


Food Delivery Man In Odisha Thrashes A Girl For Abusing Boyfriend In Public

A few days before, a video where a food delivery guy is seen thrashing a woman on the streets of Bhubaneshwar had gone viral. On the busy streets of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha people suddenly saw something unusual in the daylight. A food delivery executive was seen thrashing a girl. The girl had abused the delivery guy which agitated him and he started beating her. The people around intervened and stopped the guy and asked the girl to leave. 

The Delivery Guy Intervened And Got Abused For No Reason

According to the reports, the delivery guy saw the girl and her boyfriend arguing. Seeing the heated argument, he tried to intervene between the two as a peacemaker. But the girl instead got angry and began abusing the delivery guy. This made the delivery guy lose his calm and he began thrashing her. 

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