British Man Rents Private Pool For ₹5 Lakhs A Month To Swim Amid Singapore’s Lockdown

by Gizel Menezes
British Man Rents Private Pool For ₹5 Lakhs A Month To Swim Amid Singapore’s Lockdown

Faced with the prospect of not being able to swim in his condominium pool because of lockdown measures, a British expat living in Singapore decided to rent a private swimming pool for 5 lakhs a month! What freak-ish love for swimming is this!

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British Man Rents Private Pool To Swim Amid Lockdown

After the pool at his condominium closed due to Singapore’s strict lockdown measures, a British man decided to rent one.

The man reached out to real estate agents to find a rental property with a pool. When he found an S$30 million bungalow 10-minutes away from his condo in Sentosa Cove, he found the monthly rent of S$30,000 too high, considering it would have been on top of the not insubstantial amount he was already paying for a nearby apartment. The man, however, was willing to rent just the pool.

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The Pool Costs A Ridiculous S$10,000 Per Month

Since his client only wanted to use the pool in the Bali-themed house, Chen came up with a unique proposal. He spoke to the owner, who agreed to lease out the pool and garden on two conditions. First, it will only be a short-term lease of 3 months. And if someone else wanted to rent the bungalow in its entirety, the agreement would be terminated.

So while entry to the house is locked, the man and his family can access the pool through a side gate.

However, this is not the first time that Chen has heard of a request like this. He faces similar requests, with individuals wanting to rent bungalows in Sentosa Cove, which is an upscale residential area on an island off Singapore’s south coast, known for its fancy private pools and gardens.

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