Can You Ask For An Extra Blanket When Feeling Too Cold In AC Coach Of Indian Train? Here’s The Answer!

If you feel too cold because of the cold air from the vent in an AC coach on a train by Indian Railways, you can ask for an extra blanket.

by Anupriya Mishra
Can You Ask For An Extra Blanket When Feeling Too Cold In AC Coach Of Indian Train? Here’s The Answer!

Indian Railways have been regarded as the lifeline of the nation and directly so. Connecting remote cities to the metropolitan’s and offering seamless connectivity to different parts of the country, it is certainly indispensable. Lakhs of people travel by this mode of transport every single day, making it one of the top choices for intercity transportation. While the railways have several classes of coaches, one of the most sought-after has to be AC coaches, especially in the summers. But sometimes the AC blasting from the vent can feel so cold that you might need an extra blanket here’s what you need to know about the rule for an extra blanket.

Extra Blankets In AC Coach Of Indian Railways

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While travelling in an AC coach is preferred by many people who can afford the ticket, sometimes the AC blasting from the can be quite high. As a result, many people might feel a little too cold and they might want an extra blanket. It’s worth noting that you can ask for an extra blanket from the coach attendant. And he will give you one provided he has an extra blanket!

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What If The Attendant Refuse To Give An Extra Blanket?

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But, what if the coach attendant does have an extra blanket and he refuses to give you one? Well, in such situations you are allowed to complain as well! For this, you can call on 138. Yes, in a report by Moneycontrol, it was mentioned that a passenger can also register their complaint through SMS on the mobile number 91-9717680982. Or they can also tweet on @RailMinIndia. Similarly, if while travelling, someone else is sitting on your seat and they refuse to get up, you can again lodge a complaint.

So, the next time you’re travelling on a train and feel too cold, don’t hesitate to ask for an extra blanket. And while you are at it, do remember that the railways do not charge for an extra blanket when the AC coach get chilly!

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