Visit This Magazines Store In Bengaluru That Is Shelter To 19 Cats

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Visit This Magazines Store In Bengaluru That Is Shelter To 19 Cats

Under 140 Characters

Calling all the cat lovers to this exclusive Magazine store located on Brigade Road in Bangalore, one of the only places in the city that shelters 19 cats.

What Is It?

The owner, Yahya Sait of Magazines claims she gets more visitors than customers, all of whom to see the cats cuddle up with 19 of them, mostly all are Persian cats.

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What’s In It?

You’ll find these small fur balls crawled up on piles of magazines or hiding in almost every nook & corner of this store always sleeping or yawning. Sait calls his cats their brand ambassadors as their visitors have now turned into customers who come to visit the cats and get lured into buying one of the things at the store.

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Located in the basement of a building, near the junction of Brigade Road and Church Street it has magazines from all across the globe. The cats are mostly pure bred Persian cats and pedigreed Maine-coons. The cats have claimed such great popularity that they even have a fan page on facebook.

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The owner is a huge cat lover and he feels immensely glad and lucky to have these cats at his store that has gained such publicity.


Address: Magazines, Rayaan Tower, Church Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

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