Chef Saransh Goila Found A 50-YO Bhubaneswar Shop Selling Kakara Pitha, A Classic Odia Delicacy

by Shreya Rathod
Chef Saransh Goila Found A 50-YO Bhubaneswar Shop Selling Kakara Pitha, A Classic Odia Delicacy

The food of the Indian state of Odisha is known as Odia cuisine. The food is flavourful and uses less oil and spice than other regional Indian cuisines, without sacrificing flavour. And rice is a staple dish. While ghee is traditionally used in cooking prasad in temples, mustard oil is utilised in some recipes. Traditional serving utensils for Odia cuisine are fashioned of sal leaves, banana leaves and brass, or bronze metal plates. One of the classic Odia dishes is Kakara Pitha and Chef Saransh Goila found a 50-year-old shop in Bhubaneswar which sells it.

Chef Saransh Goila Found A Bhubaneswar Shop That Sells Kakara Pitha


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Cooks from Odisha were sought after for their ability to prepare food in line with Hindu scriptures; this was especially true of those from the Puri region. Many Odia cooks were hired in Bengal throughout the 19th century, and they brought a lot of delicacies with them.

Kakara Pitha, one such delicacy, is made specifically for festivals in Odisha homes. This deep-fried pancake has an exceptionally sweet flavour due to the addition of sugar to both the outer crust and the filling. Because modern Odia houses are rapidly moving away from the ancient food traditions of Odisha, the next generation of children may not experience the flavour of traditional pithas of this kind.

Chef Saransh Goila found a shop in Bhubaneswar which serves this delicacy. In his Instagram post, sooji kakara pitha is a sweet coconut mixture-filled deep-fried semolina dumpling. Kakara Pitha is a delectable treat that is crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. Of course, Pitha comes in a variety of forms, but this one in Bhubaneshwar’s ‘Unit 1 Market’ or ‘Ek No Hata’ shop was created with suji. The shop was opened by Trinath Sahoo 50 years back.

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He added that the Pitha is unique during the Durga and Laxmi Pujas. He found it incredibly fascinating how easily and rapidly he was able to pack and shape these pithas. An essential street cuisine snack to have while visiting Odisha!

Other Delicacies From Odisha

pakhala odisha food
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1. Macha Ghanta

In Odisha, fish meals are incredibly popular and enjoyed in every home. And what better than the national dish, Macha Ghanta? The curry is a flavorful concoction of potatoes, onions, garlic, and common spices. No matter where you are, this dish is unmatched, and it will probably entice you to keep eating it till you are in Odisha.

2. Pakhala Bhata

In Odisha, practically every household has pakhala bhata for lunch every day in the summer. Cooked rice is soaked in water and sour curd to prepare it. Usually left overnight, it’s frequently served with fried fish, potatoes, papad, and Badi choora, a dry urad and black gramme mixture that resembles nuts.

3. Chhena Poda

Odisha is well-known for its one delicacy, Chhena Poda, which is also Lord Jagannath’s favourite and is frequently served to him in the Puri Temple. The aftertaste of charred, freshly cooked cottage cheese, semolina, and sugar syrup will wow you. This unusual dish is baked for several hours, turning crimson as the sugar caramelises and highlights the unique aroma of Chhena Poda.

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Visit this shop and try the Odia delicacy!

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