Corbett Tiger Reserve Bids Emotional Farewell To Elephant Gomti & German Shepherd Brandy; *Sniffles *

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Corbett Tiger Reserve Bids Emotional Farewell To Elephant Gomti & German Shepherd Brandy; *Sniffles *

Goodbyes are hard, they say, but also inevitable sometimes. This is how senior officers and workers at Corbett Tiger Reserve Park felt as they bid farewell to Gomti and Brandy. Gomti, a 66-year-old elephant, and Brandy, a German shepherd, were both given a very emotional farewell on Wednesday as their service tenure comes to an end. 

Corbett Tiger Reserve Bids Farewell To Gomti & Brandy

Gomti, a wonderful female elephant, gave the Corbett Tiger Reserve Park (CTR) 40 years of unwavering service. Senior officers and workers at the Aamdanda Gate organized an emotional farewell for her to honor her retirement. 

‘Brandy,’ a devoted canine that had diligently served CTR for a predetermined period, retired at this historic event as well. 

Gomti was brought to the park from Assam forty years ago, according to CTR officials, where she made a substantial contribution to numerous key campaigns. Gomti retired at age 65 in compliance with the guidelines established by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). 

The sniffer dog, Brandy, retired concurrently after serving for 12 years and contributing significantly to numerous campaigns. 

Video from the ceremony was posted on the Reserve Park’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. (as per The New Indian Express)

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Gomti’s Tears Shocked Everyone

Credits: @corbettreserve/X(formerly Twitter)

The director of CTR presented a medal and citation to Farrukh Khan, Subedar Ali, and Nisar Ali, Gomti’s mahouts, during the parting ceremony on her behalf. Witnesses describe the beautiful moment when Gomti started crying, which shocked and moved everyone in the room. 

Gomati became a vital part of the Corbett Park community throughout the course of her 40 years of duty, serving with unflinching devotion and affection, according to Dr. Dheeraj Pandey, director of the Corbett Tiger Reserve Park.

Officials from Corbett are proud of Gomti’s politeness and self-discipline. They talk about her noteworthy accomplishments, like successfully saving a tiger in the Bag Jhala region close to Garjia Temple in 1987. 

She helped in the 2010 removal of a man-eating tiger from Sunderkhal village. Gomti played a key role in the 2012 rescue of a wild elephant in Rishikesh. She assisted in the 2019 rescue of a man-eating tiger in Dhikala. (as per The New Indian Express)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @corbettreserve/X(formerly Twitter)