Coronavirus Positive Policeman In Punjab Does Push-ups In Isolation Ward

by Sanjana Shenoy
Coronavirus Positive Policeman In Punjab Does Push-ups In Isolation Ward

The coronavirus pandemic has given many of us the opportunity to get in tune with our hobbies, stay connected with our families and learn new skills, all at the comfort of our homes. But while we are resting, essential service providers like medical professionals, grocery shop owners, policemen are working day and night to make our lives comfortable. Policemen are coming up with innovative punishments to reprimand people violating the lockdown. And there are also some of them who are trying to spread positivity during this dire time. One such story is that of a coronavirus tested positive policeman in Punjab who does pushups in his isolation ward. The video went viral and many have appreciated his strength and maturity to cope with this virus.

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What’s In It?

Punjab Police Constable Prabhjot Singh was the driver of the deceased Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anil Kohli, who passed away after suffering from coronavirus. Constable Prabhjot Singh tested positive for coronavirus. He is now under treatment in a hospital in Ferozepur. Constable Prabhjot Singh recently posted a video of him doing pushups next to his hospital bed. He stated that he wanted to tell his colleagues that its not a big deal to be tested positive for coronavirus. The young constable wants to remain fit by doing pushups. His video went viral on social media for the positivity and bravery shown by him in spite of facing this deadly disease.

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What’s More?

Apart from the video of the Punjab Police Constable Prabhjot Singh, anther video os a corona-positive woman SHO Arshpreet Kaur giving a motivational talk to other police personnel, and the public from a hospital went viral. Seh spoke about the fighting spirit of the Punjab Police amid the battle against coronavirus. The police faced a setback when ACP Kohli succumbed to coronavirus, and there have also been attacks on the Punjab Police forces in Patiala, where the hand of an ASI was chopped off. On a similar not, Stones Were Thrown At Police In Karnataka For Stopping Friday Prayer Meet During Lockdown

Both Arshpreet Kaur and Prabhjot Singh worked in the ACP’s team as an SHO and driver. In spite of this trying time for the police force, they are keeping their morale high and conveying to other personnel that they will join the frontline soon.  Prabhjot Singh and Arshpreet Kaur are an inspiration indeed. We hope they have a speedy recovery and continue to help us with their services.