Go On A Crab Hunting Adventure At Flamingo Beach Resort

by Sharon Saldanha
Go On A Crab Hunting Adventure At Flamingo Beach Resort

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Looking for some fun adventure at night? Head to the mangrove islands of Umm Al Quwain to hunt crabs, catch them and have a delicious ending!

What Is It?

Eating crabs is an adventure in itself but what if we tell you that you can actually go on an adventure to hunt crabs, catch them and have them cooked your way? Flamingo Beach Resort in Umm Al Quwain is the only place in the UAE where you can experience this exciting activity!

Imagine getting down in the murky water of the sea with torches and spears to stab the crabs. Now, this may not be a popular sport but crab hunting is a rich local tradition of the nation’s smallest emirate – Umm Al Quwain.

Ferried in the night when the tides are low, the professionals will take you on a boat at the natural mangroves abundant with crabs. The thrill kicks in as you enter the knee-deep water with your hunting gear. This family-friendly adventure climaxes when your catch is cooked and served for dinner.

What’s Included In The Activity:

  • Welcome Tea/Coffee and light snacks
  • Hunting gear: Safety-jackets, shoes, spears, waterproof torches.
  • Continental buffet dinner served with your catch of crabs.
  • Unlimited refreshments

Things You Need To Know:

  • Dress Code: Beach wear / Swimwear
  • Activity Duration: One – Two Hours
  • Age Limit: It’s for everyone :)

What Else?

Flamingo Beach Resort is quite a hidden gem in the northern part of the UAE.  Its serene beach, outdoor pool, and the luscious greenery are sure to make the 60-minute drive from Dubai worth it. Other than crab hunting, you can also enjoy other water activities like – fishing, snorkeling and flamingo tours. Sounds like a perfect weekend getaway with family, friends, or colleagues!


Activity: Crab Hunting
Location: Flamingo Beach Resort, Umm Al Quwain
Timings: 6 pm to 11 pm
Contact: 06 765 0000