Cruise From Bahamas Got Stuck In Storm For 9 Hours In Sea, Passengers Share Horrifying Videos

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cruise From Bahamas Got Stuck In Storm For 9 Hours In Sea, Passengers Share Horrifying Videos

We all dreamed of being on a cruise vacation, just like in the movie “Dil Dhadakne Do”. But what scares most of us is what happens if the cruise gets hit by a storm in the middle of the sea. It is surely one of the biggest nightmares! But this nightmare actually came true for some passengers who were aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship from the Bahamas. The passengers were stuck in a storm for 9 hours. 

Cruise From Bahamas Got Stuck In A Storm

The Carnival Sunshine cruise ship sailed through a terrifying storm for nine hours before getting back to port. The ship got caught in severe weather with the wind blowing at 80 mph. It was sailing to Charleston, S.C from the Bahamas. 

One of the passengers told NewsWeek that at 4:45pm the captain announced that they might be late to reach the port owing to the adverse weather conditions. He also assured the passengers that they would try their best to minimize the discomfort. 

The public decks were closed by dinner time. The buffet areas saw cups and plates flying in the air. TVs fell, glasses were shuttering, and people were seen sleeping on the stairs. Another passenger recalled seeing crew members wearing life jackets and the swells hitting the container. The passengers felt like they were sitting on a huge roller coaster as the waves hit the ship. 

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Ship Couldn’t Dock Immediately

Even after facing all this, the cruise informed that no passenger was seriously injured. The ship, after sailing through this storm, finally reached the post at Charleston, S.C by 7:30am. But even after reaching the port, due to adverse weather conditions, they couldn’t dock immediately. The ship docked at 5:30pm successfully. 

Carnival told to PEOPLE that the weather’s prolonged impact on the Charleston area resulted in the delay. It appreciated the understanding and patience of all its passengers. It was also mentioned that the protocols for rough weather were very well followed by the crew. 

A video was also posted on Twitter showing the aftermath of the storm that hit the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship, which sailed from the Bahamas. 

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