Cruise Vacations: Here’s How They Are Cheap & Convenient

by Akriti Seth
Cruise Vacations: Here’s How They Are Cheap & Convenient

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Contrary to the popular myth, cruise vacations actually turn out to be cheaper and more convenient. Surprised? Well, yes you should be.

Cruise Tourism in India

The fact that the Government of India is going all ghungo about cruise tourism in India is a good sign for us. In the last six months, many cruise ships have arrived in the Indian waters and even taken passengers from our port. The Tourism Ministry assures that this is just the beginning!

So, if you wish to travel across countries  and continents without the trouble of taking multiple flights and innumerous check ins – check outs, a cruise vacay is perfect for you.

Here’s why

Well, after being to the Norwegian Star Cruise while it was passing from Mumbai, I found out a good enough reason for that. At an average rate of 125$ per night i.e. Rs 8250 approx. per night, you can stay in the cruise, dine at any 6 restaurants out of 11, travel from one destination to another as you enjoy all the amenities. Isn’t that a good deal?

What Does It Include?

  • Stay at a cabin
  • Gourmet dining
  • World class entertainment
  • Swimming pools
  • Gym & jacuzzi
  • Kids play area

Even better, you can have a drink or two in the cruise itself. (Oh! This is not included)

5 O’ Clock Somewhere Bar: The look and feel is Caribbean with surfboards stuck to the wall, multi-coloured deck chairs and a long bar packed at the back with rums and tequilas.

Sugarcane Mojito Bar:  A typical bar with bar stools and simple interiors.

The Bier Garten: Located high above the pool deck, serves Bavarian fare (wurst, pretzels) accompanied by an international selection of beers and is a outdoor bar. It’s a lovely place to perch when it isn’t too windy outside.

So, you know next time you are planning a vacation you can always consider a cruise vacation to any place.

Oh, you can also watch our #InAMinute video to have a look at the five-star amenities in the wonderful Norwegian Star Cruise.

How Cheap Is A Cruise Vacation | Curly Tales

Contrary to the popular myth, cruise vacations actually turn out to be cheaper and more convenient. Take a #InAMinute tour of the Norwegian Cruise Line & find out how!Read more here: us on Instagram: Curly.tales | Twitter: @CurlytalesBlog

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