CT Quickies: From Kuwait’s 2-Month Ban On 16k Travellers To Heavy Rains Expected In UAE, 10 Middle East Updates

From monsoon mishaps to travel tribulations: The latest buzz in the Middle East.

by Deeplata Garde
CT Quickies: From Kuwait’s 2-Month Ban On 16k Travellers To Heavy Rains Expected In UAE, 10 Middle East Updates

The Middle East has been abuzz with significant developments, from historic floods in the UAE to travel bans in Kuwait and Oman’s new ID card system for translators. Amidst these events, individuals like Indian citizens and TV personality Erica Fernandes share their experiences, shedding light on the impact of these occurrences. Let’s delve into the latest news and updates from across the Middle East.

1. Introduction Of Translation ID Card in Oman

In a bid to elevate the translation landscape, Oman rolls out a game-changing initiative in collaboration with The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This initiative, aimed at bolstering the competitiveness of translation firms, introduces professional cards for translators. These cards, adorned with comprehensive data, promise to streamline business operations and align with Oman’s Vision 2040.

2. Kuwait’s Travel Ban For 16k Travellers

Traffic Fines
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The Kuwaiti government makes waves with its decision to slap travel bans on a whopping 16,000 individuals, both citizens and expatriates. The reasons for these bans range from outstanding cheques to overdue rents and unpaid bills, shedding light on the multifaceted challenges faced by residents in the country.

3. Rain Woes For Erica Fernades In Dubai


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TV personality Erica Fernandes shares her quirky encounter with the Dubai floods, offering a glimpse into the human experience amidst the chaos. She spent her rainy day indoors with tea and bhajias amidst the storm. Who knew rainy days could be so entertaining?

4. Entertainment Extravaganza at Beast House


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Amidst the chaos, Beast House beckons with promises of pulsating beats and exclusive experiences. The members-only club, backed by MDLBEAST, gears up for a weekend of revelry, tantalizing guests with strobing lights and infectious tunes. While tickets are elusive, eager partygoers can hop on the waitlist for a chance to join the festivities.

5. Etihad Airways Expands its Horizons To Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Etihad Airways spreads its wings further, announcing the addition of Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia, to its roster of destinations. This expansion, marked by direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Al Qassim, underscores the airline’s commitment to connecting travellers across borders.

6. Air India’s Flights To Dubai Cancelled

As Dubai International Airport grapples with operational disruptions, Air India takes a proactive stance, cancelling flights to and from Dubai. The airline assures customers of swift re-accommodation once operations resume, emphasizing its dedication to passenger safety and satisfaction.

7. Dubai Starts Partial Operation Of Roads

Dubai residents brace for a post-rain reality, navigating through partially open roads and water-logged streets. From Airport Road to Ras Al Khor Road, commuters face delays and detours, underscoring the city’s resilience in the face of nature’s wrath.

8.Dubai Police Smart App Helps You Find Lost License Plate

Lost your license plate? Fear not! Dubai Police unveils a smart application, offering a hassle-free solution to obtain lost license plate certificates. With just a few clicks, drivers can access services and reclaim their lost plates, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

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9. Heavy Rains Expected In UAE, Again!

As the UAE grapples with the aftermath of heavy rains, the National Center of Meteorology issues a weather forecast for April 23. While partly cloudy conditions prevail, a possibility of light to moderate rainfall looms, serving as a gentle reminder of nature’s unpredictability. The UAE finds itself grappling with the aftermath of unprecedented rains, prompting Indian nationals to rethink their travel plans.

10. UAE Travel Advisory for Indian Passengers

The Indian embassy in the UAE issues advisories urging caution, while the Consulate General of India in Dubai springs into action with emergency helplines.
Whether en route to Dubai International Airport or transiting through it, postpone non-essential trips until the city’s operations return to normalcy following unprecedented rainfall this week. To aid Indian nationals at the airport, the Consulate General of India in Dubai has activated emergency helpline numbers, which have been operational since April 17

We will be back with more interesting updates from the Middle East. Till then Ma’a Salama!

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