Customer Paid ₹19K Cleaning Fee For A Stay Worth ₹6K; Internet Amazed

by Sushmita Mahanta
Customer Paid ₹19K Cleaning Fee For A Stay Worth ₹6K; Internet Amazed

Imagine you going for a relaxing vacation and booking an amazing stay only to end up being scammed. A recent ScoopWhoop story reveals how someone had paid a 19k cleaning fee for a stay worth just 6k. Some hotels add staggering hidden fees to your bill and you totally need to be careful while paying for your bookings. Make it a habit to read all the terms and conditions to know everything about the underlying charges before making any payment for your hotel rooms or stays. Else you will end up like this customer who paid way more for cleaning than for the stay itself!

An Airbnb Receipt On Reddit Shows How The Customer Got Scammed

Scoopwhoop recently revealed how an Airbnb receipt on Reddit shows that a Customer paid a ₹19K cleaning fee for a stay worth ₹6K. This basically means that the price for the ‘actual staying’ was way less than the cleaning fee. Totally ridiculous right? Well, going through underlying charges before paying for any hotel or Airbnb bookings is a must. Unless you want to get robbed! The Airbnb receipt on Reddit revealed that it charged the man $61/night for using a room, and $245 for getting it cleaned. The post on Reddit reads, “Stay here for $61.” Below the receipt is included and it clearly shows how the cleaning fee is way more than the actual price of the stay. The customer has totally no idea that they got scammed big time!

Internet Reacts

The post on Reddit has garnered enough attention and a lot of people are taking to the comment section to reply to the customer who clearly got scammed. One of the users wrote, ” This reminds me of how one cleans a rental apartment before vacationing, only for the landlord to keep the security deposit as a part of their cleaning fee anyway. Why the hell should one bother cleaning then?!” Another one added, ” Cleaning fees are actually illegal in some states. I know it’s illegal in Florida. Security deposits are expected to be itemized, if not returned in full. General fees are prohibited by state law.” Someone else relied, “Did you take a dump on the floor in every room? I don’t understand why the cleaning lady gets paid $250 an hour and me as a engineer only $60.” Well, looks like everyone has some piece of advice on this. We too have one, carefully read everything before making payments for your bookings!

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