Dilliwale Rush To Buy Tomatoes At ₹70/Kg; Record 71,500 Kg Tomatoes Sold At NCCF In 2 Days

tomato sale
by Shreya Rathod

Tomatoes, a common kitchen ingredient, were not so common for Indians. The skyrocketing prices had made it disappear from everywhere including kitchens, restaurants and streets. We were used to buying tomatoes at ₹20 to ₹30 per kilo. But now, they are being sold at ₹200 and ₹250! In order to control these rising prices, the NCCF organised a sale in Delhi where tomatoes were sold at a subsidised price.

In Delhi, 71,500 Kg Of Tomatoes Were Sold At NCCF Sale!

tomato sale

Credits: Canva

Tomato costs in Delhi-NCR have decreased thanks to the action of the National Consumer Federation of India (NCCF), which also made them more readily available. The NCCF also planned a two-day mega sale to lower the cost of tomato availability in Delhi. A record-breaking 71,500 kg of tomatoes were sold as a result. This cell was established in 70 different locations, including RK Puram and Seelampur in Delhi.

According to NCCF data, a large crowd of individuals were present at the point of sale setup for the sale of tomatoes at discounted prices. According to reports, 36,500 kg of tomatoes were sold on August 12 alone. On the other side, there was a similar number of tomato buyers the following day, which was Sunday, August 13.

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The citizens of the capital also purchased 35,000 kg of tomatoes on this day. Tomatoes are currently sold on the market for between ₹90 and ₹100 at retail prices. In this case, NCCF is offering tomatoes for sale at a reduced price of ₹70 per kg.

Desperate Attempts Were Made To Control The Rising Prices

tomato sale

Credits: Canva

The Central Government’s Consumer Ministry is working extremely hard to keep these prices under control. Tomatoes are now being supplied at low cost through the National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India (NCCF) in Delhi, the nation’s capital, as a result of the Ministry’s intervention, which began on July 11. Its beneficial effects have also become more apparent. Prices have decreased slightly. At the NCCF cell point, a swarm of tomato purchasers is also assembling at the same moment.

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And most importantly, many people started growing tomatoes and have made a fortune by selling them!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva