Ditching Her Phone For 24 Hrs Straight, Kamiya Jani Spent A Day At A Naturopathy Center In Gujarat!

by Mallika Khurana
Ditching Her Phone For 24 Hrs Straight, Kamiya Jani Spent A Day At A Naturopathy Center In Gujarat!

Health is wealth! Nothing more true has ever been said, and the pandemic was the biggest reminder of this virtue for the whole world. Coping with this fast-paced world, we have all cut back on taking care of ourselves quite a lot. While it may not seem severe at first, the accumulated effect of this negligence can be harmful. The increased cases of anxiety in people are testimony to that fact. It is time that we take a step back from all the hustle and take a break for the sake of our well-being. The break in this case refers to a health holiday that you can opt for at Shankus Natural Health Centre in Mehsana, Gujarat. Choosing health and wellness for herself, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, spent a day at this centre and also attempted digital detoxification.

Boost Your Health With Shankus Natural Health Centre

The natural health centre functions on the firm belief that all ailments can be cured by natural elements like soil, water, light, and air. No matter what concern you visit this centre with, they have programmes available for lifestyle disorders, chronic diseases, as well as psychological disturbances.

Apart from offering effective wellness through daily routines, they also make sure that your stay is comfortable to keep you relaxed. Shankus Natural Health Centre offers spectacular accommodations like deluxe suites, cottages, family rooms, and more. Their list of therapies also runs long, with options like acupressure, physiotherapy, magnet therapy, steam, sauna, mud baths, panchakarma, and massage therapies to keep your body and mind at ease. 

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A Digital Detox Did The Trick

Shankus Gujarat
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Kamiya Jani began her day at the centre by addressing her concern about disturbed sleep. The doctors there linked her mobile phone to the root cause and started her therapy by eliminating that cause. She was put on a digital detox where she did not have access to her phone for 24 hours. Sounds brutal, doesn’t it?

Shankus Natural Centre doesn’t believe in medicines. Rather, they believe in the healing effects of the right food. So naturally, her day was followed by a meal there that was prepared without any oil, sugar, or salt. To make the experience more effective, she was blindfolded. Made with all-natural ingredients, the food tasted as good as it looked.

It is safe to say that her experience at this centre was fulfilling. Especially after spending a day without her phone, she felt light and got a lot of time to spend with herself. It was an immensely effective experience, and we recommend it to all of you. So, wait no more, and plan your visit to Shankus Natural Health Centre today!

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