Do You Know Only 3 People In This World Can Travel ANYWHERE Without A Passport?

by Tejashee Kashyap
Do You Know Only 3 People In This World Can Travel ANYWHERE Without A Passport?

Travelling is an enriching experience that allows us to explore new cultures, meet fascinating people, and broaden our horizons. However, in most cases, a passport is an essential travel document required to cross international borders. It serves as proof of identity and citizenship, granting permission to enter foreign countries. Yet, there are a few extraordinary individuals who possess unique circumstances, that enable them to travel without the need for a passport.

These Individuals Do Not Need A Passport To Travel

While the majority of travellers need a passport to embark on international journeys, there exists a select few who possess unique circumstances that exempt them from this requirement. Three people in the world are exempted from this, United Kingdom’s King Charles III and Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Before King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth II had this privilege.

The UK King’s (or Queen’s) name is used on a document rather than a passport, unlike other members of the Royal family. The words of the document state the country to allow the Majesty to pass freely without any hindrance and give assistance and protection as may be necessary. However, it is said that the wife of the UK king, Queen Consort Camilla, is forced to maintain a diplomatic passport and does not have the same rights.

In the instance of King Charles III, Sir Clive Alderton, his private secretary looks after this ministry document. A year after their 2005 wedding, Sir Clive Alderton is said to have been one of the King and Queen Camilla’s most trusted and adored advisors.

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Just A Document Is Required For Travelling

When it comes to Japan, this privilege is enjoyed by Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.

According to reports, in the instance of Japan, a ministry memo dated May 10, 1971, said that issuing a passport to the Emperor or Empress would be improper. The letter further says that it would be inappropriate for the Emperor to apply for a visa or travel through immigration controls using a passport issued to a regular citizen.

In the case of Japan, the Emperor and the Empress are only required to keep the ministry document to themselves. However, diplomatic passports are issued for other members of the Imperial family, including the crown prince and the princess.

Well, how beautiful it must be to wander the world freely, unhindered by this traditional travel requirement!

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