Door-To-Door Mobile ATM Services To Start In Delhi’s Red Zones Amid Lockdown

by Suchismita Pal
Door-To-Door Mobile ATM Services To Start In Delhi’s Red Zones Amid Lockdown

Delhi has around 87 containment zones at present. With people unable to step out of their houses even for the ‘essentials’ in these areas, their lives have been clearly thrown out of gear. And the biggest problem that they are facing now is in making arrangements for paper money. They can get their necessities delivered at their doorsteps, but obviously they cannot trust an outsider who can go to the ATM and withdraw cash for them. Therefore, the government has come up with an alternative- a mobile ATM facility.

How Is It Happening?

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia took to Twitter to announce that the government will be arranging mobile ATMs in the sealed areas of the capital. As residents in the hotspots can order vegetables, pulses, dairy products and other essentials through a government-created WhatsApp group, they need to keep some hard cash in store as well. Transfer of money through cell phones using apps like Google Pay, PhonePe or Paytm is the best option now, but network issues might occur anytime. In such cases, only hard cash will come to help. The vans will reach the doorsteps of the quarantined residents so that they can withdraw their money then and there.

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What Else?

ATM on wheels have been launched in the containment zones of Srinagar as well by the J & K Bank. Also, about a month ago, Chandigarh had started similar services. At the time when life has come to a halt, these ATM services will aid in easing the flow of cash into the households.

Mobile ATM Services
Picture Credits: Economic Times

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If you are living in the containment zone and need to withdraw cash from one of these ATM vans, don’t forget to wear your gloves before touching the machine. Once you have received the money, sanitize your hands instantly, take out the gloves and put them in a safe place. We can’t avoid what’s necessary, but we have to be extra careful at the same time.