Driving From Coast To Coast, These Triplets From Colorado Completed 50-State Journey Before Turning 25

by Mallika Khurana
Driving From Coast To Coast, These Triplets From Colorado Completed 50-State Journey Before Turning 25

Imagine celebrating your 25th birthday with an incredible achievement that sets you apart from the ordinary. For a set of triplets hailing from Colorado, this dream became a reality. They not only marked their quarter-century milestone but also accomplished a remarkable feat that showcases their spirit of adventure and determination. These triplets embarked on an extraordinary journey, one that took them to every single one of the 50 U.S. states before they even turned 25. This is their story of exploration, family bonding, and an unyielding passion for discovering diverse landscapes.

Colorado Triplets Travel To All 50 U.S. States By Age 25

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Photo Credits: Instagram/Madeleine Bendalin

Three remarkable siblings hailing from Colorado recently celebrated a double milestone – their 25th birthday and the completion of an extraordinary travelling feat. These triplets successfully achieved their ambitious goal of visiting all 50 U.S. states before reaching the age of 25. The trio’s wanderlust roots can be traced back to their upbringing in a family that cherished road trips. Jacob Bendalin, one of the triplets, explained to KFYR that they were nurtured in an environment of travel and adventure. Their journeys together began in childhood, often involving their parents, as they set out to discover various states across the country.

While they explored some states together, others were visited individually, creating a dynamic blend of shared and individual experiences. However, their recent visit to North Dakota on August 16th held special significance. It marked the culmination of their remarkable journey, with the state becoming their 50th and final destination. The celebratory trip to North Dakota was a memorable one, marked by the companionship of 14 close friends who joined them. 

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Siblings Turned Into Wanderlust Warriors

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Photo Credits: Instagram/Madeleine Bendalin

Cameron Bendalin, another of the triplets, emphasised the uniqueness of their shared experience. They recognise that being triplets has always meant that their lives are inherently adventurous. Their journey to North Dakota underscored their bond and was yet another chapter in their shared lives. Madeline Bendalin, the third member of the trio, expressed their pleasant surprise at the warmth and hospitality they received from the people of North Dakota. 

Their journey was not only about ticking off states but also about immersing themselves in diverse cultures, landscapes, and communities. Cameron Bendalin summed up their journey and share how it has been an incredible experience filled with interactions with locals and new acquaintances. 

Overall, this story showcases not only their remarkable achievement but also the bonds that unite them on this unique adventure.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Madeleine Bendalin