Driving In The Fast Lane In UAE: Here Are The Things You Must Know

by Ishita Agarwal
Driving In The Fast Lane In UAE: Here Are The Things You Must Know

On highways, many drivers in the UAE choose to go to the left-most lane, commonly referred to as the fast lane. This implies that they would travel the whole way at the maximum permitted speed, which may exceed 140 kmph. However, the usage of fast lanes is governed by several traffic laws, and violators face fines of up to Dh400. Wanna avoid that? Here are the things you must know if you are driving in the fast lane in UAE. 

You Should Not Use Fast Lane In UAE Unless You Are Overtaking 

According to the Dubai Police, you shouldn’t utilise the fast lane unless you wanna pass another car. Therefore, its usage is restricted to overtaking and emergency vehicles only. 


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Driving Slower Than Recommended Speed

It is forbidden for drivers to utilise the fast lane while travelling at a slower pace than what is allowed. In addition, you must yield to drivers attempting to pass you even if you are travelling at the posted speed limit on the speed track. 

Pay Fine If You Do Not Follow Rules In UAE

Drivers who fail to yield to cars approaching from the left or rear of the road may get a Dh400 fine and 4 black points from the police. To overtake in the fast lane, drivers cannot tailgate. A Dh400 fine may be imposed if you don’t keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Delivery riders are not permitted to utilise the fast lane in Dubai. 


And there are more such rules. Make sure you note them all down! So, if you are driving in the fast lane in UAE, keep the rules in mind. Always! 

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