*Drumrolls* Curly Tales Launches Mobile App; Come, Join The Community Of Like-Minded People

Curly Tales App
by Tooba Shaikh

Food, travel, and lifestyle have always been the essence of Curly Tales. Uncovering hidden places or culinary gems has always been our mission and for the last 5+ years, we have managed to foster an online community of 10+ million users who are similarly passionate about all thing food and travel. You can now be a part of this thriving online community of food and travel enthusiasts. Curly Tales has launched its very own mobile app!

Curly Tales Launches Its Own Mobile App!

Curly Tales App

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India’s number 1 food and travel platform now also has an app! It is an all-in-one platform that strives to bring you the very best there is when it comes to food, travel, lifestyle and experiences. Specifically designed keeping in mind the convenience of users, it is a dynamic new way to consume food and travel content.

The app hosts a buffet of content! Scoop up delicious tidbits about your favourite celebrity’s whereabouts or get hot deals on your favourite restaurants and getaways, there is so much to choose from!

New to a city or want to explore your own? Check out our city-specific guides that let you in on all the happening places. You can even check out content from not just Curly Tales, but from other food and travel digital content creators.

An Ecosystem Of Like-Minded People

Curly Tales App

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Elated to announce the new milestone, Kamiya Jani, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Curly Tales says, “Social media platforms are crowded allowing anyone to post anything. It becomes difficult to consume content that is specific to individuals’ interests. CurlyTales app is basically a native platform catering to all food and travel enthusiasts. It’s a one-stop shop for all foodies and travellers to discover hidden gems or plan trips based on guides and itineraries on the app. The journey has evolved from a personal blog to a content platform and now an app. We have brought together over 400 food and travel creators presenting high-quality content. We also offer amazing deals from the food and travel space, presenting the best experiences for you.”

If this sounds like your vibe then come and join our tribe! Download the app NOW HERE.

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