Dubai Frame Featured Mother’s Day Illustration Of ‘Maa’ Written In Hindi Using Drone; Watch!

Mother's day was celebrated in Dubai with a beautiful illustration on the Dubai Frame with Hindi inscription!

by Shreya Rathod
Dubai Frame Featured Mother’s Day Illustration Of ‘Maa’ Written In Hindi Using Drone; Watch!

The Dubai Frame is one of the most well-known attractions in the city, both for visitors and residents. The unique location of the building in Zabeel Park offers sweeping vistas of the city, much like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Dubai Frame featured a beautiful illustration of ‘Maa’ in Hindi using a drone.

Mother’s Day: Dubai Frame Features ‘Maa’ Written In Hindi

Mother’s Day is a worldwide celebration of maternal bonds. Dubai took this celebration to the next level by displaying a beautiful illustration. The illustration starts with ‘Maa’ written in Hindi inside a dotted heart. After a few seconds, the heart shrinks, and then is enclosed inside an envelope. The illustration surely displays the pure love for every mother!

Dubai Frame is a structure with a novel concept, standing 150 metres tall and 93 metres wide with a bridge uniting the two towers. Dubai’s historic quarter, which resembles a picture frame, is visible to the north, while stunning views of the contemporary cityscape are available to the south. 

The cultural icon in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Frame is a striking building that both literally and figuratively ‘frames’ breathtaking views of Old and New Dubai and connects the emirate’s glorious history and present. The building honours the history of Dubai, from its founding to its aspirational goals for growth in the future.

The Opaque Glass Bridge Spans 50 Metres At The Sky Deck

dubai frame mother's day
Credits: Canva

After Fernando Donis won an international jury competition for his design, the concept was chosen as the winner of an architecture competition held by ThyssenKrupp and the Dubai Municipality. Beyond the breathtaking vistas, guests can immerse themselves in the history, present, and future from the earth to the sky. For instance, the city’s history is told using the newest technology developments, transporting visitors back in time with a fusion of holographic images, classical music, and alluring scents.

Step inside the 50-meter-long, opaque, clear glass Sky Deck bridge. Only when someone steps on the liquid crystal floor, which is constructed of an underlying layer that is activated by sensors, does the floor become transparent.

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With a floating feel, look down at the earth beneath you.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Anuradha Mishra (Modi’s Family)/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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