Dubai Metro, Taxi, Buses, Gold Souk Reopen Today

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Metro, Taxi, Buses, Gold Souk Reopen Today

Dubai Metro and buses will reopen today. Ahead of the reopening, residents have been asked to make an early start to make time for social distancing measures. Dubai RTA urged Metro riders to reach their respective stations at least 30 minutes before their trip. The iconic Deira Gold Souk will also reopen today, according to a circular issued by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.


All metros will operate for a 12-hour period, from 7am to 11pm through the week and from 10am to 11pm on Fridays. The metro will be open across all Red Line stations, except those within restricted areas. The three-minute wait time will be in place during peak hours and re-visited by authorities after a week. Following this, Green lines will be operational for 12 hours, except in restricted areas. Operations will then be made normal, depending on recovery levels and directions from authorities. All Metro stations except Baniyas, Palm Deira and Al Ras will operate from 7am to 11pm.

During all phases social distancing will remain in place as well as passengers and employees must wear masks while traveling. In addition, use of elevators will be restricted to a maximum of one or two persons. Escalators will be blocked to reduce passenger flow to the train platform. Information placards will be placed on the floor and on seats, and all stations will have dedicated entry and exit points.


In the first phase, buses will be operational for 12 hours and then be fully operational within two to four weeks. Buses will be operational from 6am to 10pm. Bus waiting times and bus types will be modified depending on the services frequented and the number of passengers. Service time would also be adjusted as needed, and backup buses would be provided to support crowded stations. Furthermore, bus routes are also modified to avoid restricted areas.


Air-conditioned waiting areas will remain closed to ensure social distancing. All passengers must wear masks and instructions placards will be stuck on the floor and on seats to ensure appropriate social distance. Crowd management techniques will be applied at station entrances, and sterilisation practices will remain in place. Passengers would also be encouraged to opt for taxis instead.

Taxis will also be functional from today. However, the number of riders has been restricted to two at the back seat and isolators will be maintained between the driver and passengers.

Shopping Malls

Malls will now be open until 10 pm. However, a number of new rules are in place. Capacity of people in malls in reduced to 30%. In addition, people aged three to 12, or 60 and above are strictly not permitted inside the mall. Shoppers must wear face masks at all times, and everyone will have their temperature checked at the entrance. In addition, shoppers must use only electronic payment options instead of cash. Returns and exchanges are only permitted if the product is faulty.

Salons And Barber Shops

Salons and barber shops will be open only for hair and nail services.

The committee stresses that this is not a measure to return to business as usual and it is “vital that the public follows precautionary and preventative guidelines until the situation is completely normalised.”

Precautionary Measures

Riders will need to wear face masks and maintain physical distance from others.