Dubai Restaurants Reopen Buffets With Strict Safety Rules

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Restaurants Reopen Buffets With Strict Safety Rules

After three months of being closed, Dubai restaurants reopen all-you-can-eat meal stations. On 18 June, Dubai Municipality announced that all food and beverage outlets in Dubai can serve buffets. However, all restaurants must adhere to safety precautions and guidelines.

Guidelines To Be Followed

  1. Minimum distance of two meters must be followed by those in queue
  2. Food must be served only by restaurant staff, which means guests will not be able serve by themselves
  3. Alternatively, restaurants can also serve the food directly to tables
  4. Customers are not allowed to share or touch the serving utensils
  5. Beverages must also be served directly to tables
  6. Restaurants must handle crowd wisely and must take full charge of managing queues
  7. Food handlers must wear facemask at all times

And now that businesses have resumed, brunches are back! Yes, you read that right. So, with no further delay, we’ve listed out some famous brunch spots reopening in Dubai. Check out this list and plan your weekend ahead!

On18 June, Dubai announced that all age-groups can visit shopping malls and commercial centres. However, strict rules must be followed- wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. Besides, children’s play areas at public parks and beaches have also reopened.

The new rules applies only in Dubai. In other emirates, adults under the age of 70 can enter malls. Restrictions on children under 12 remain in force.

Dubai libraries, museums and and art galleries will now welcome people of all age groups. Besides, home services like healthcare services to elderly people and people of determination and home beauty services have also resumed. Other activities that have resumed in the emirate include:

  1. Swimming pools
  2. Gyms
  3. Water sports
  4. Water parks
  5. Cinema Halls
  6. Children’s sports and play areas at public parks and beaches.
Credits: Dubai mall/facebook

What Else?

The UAE has also announced the detailed guidelines to be followed by UAE citizens and residents, who can, starting June 23, travel to specific destinations.

Which Countries Can You Tavel To?

Countries for Emiratis to travel to are split into three categories based on the level of risk. All residents are eligible to travel to low-risk countries. Residents are permitted to travel to medium risk for specific purposes. Further, no travel will be permitted to high-risk countries.

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What Conditions Must Travelers Adhere To?

  1. All UAE Residents and citizens must register for the Twajudi service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. People will not be permitted to travel unless they test Covid negative.
  3. All travellers must have international health insurance and should abide by the precautinary measures at the airport.
  4. Individuals with temperature more than 38ºC will be isolated; those with symptoms will not be allowed to travel.
  5. Travellers must fill in a health application and pledge that they will adhere to all requirements. As well as they will not travel to any other country that they haven’t declared.
  6. In the event of falling sick in the destination country, travellers must inform the UAE embassy/consulate there.
  7. Travelers must wear face masks and gloves all the time, carry a travel file, including health status and ID cards, and should download the AlHosn app.
  8. People over 70 are not allowed to travel. Those with chronic diseases are discouraged to travel

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What Conditions Apply On Return To The UAE?

All travellers must undergo a 14-day home quarantine. A seven day quarantine is applicable for those returning from low risk countries. Those working in vital sectors can quarantine as well as those who cannot opt for home quarantine can opt for hotel quarantine.

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