Effective From 23 Nov, Afghanistan Has Permanently Shut Down Its Embassy In Delhi

Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has declared its permanent closure.

by Tejashee Kashyap
Effective From 23 Nov, Afghanistan Has Permanently Shut Down Its Embassy In Delhi

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and India dates back to the early 20th century. However now, the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has declared its permanent closure.

Afghanistan Closes Its Embassy In Delhi Permanently

The Afghanistan Embassy in Delhi stands as a testament to the enduring diplomatic ties between these two nations. The Afghan embassy declared in an official statement that its diplomatic presence in New Delhi would close “effective November 23, 2023, due to persistent challenges from the Indian government.” The decision follows the embassy’s earlier shutdown on September 30, which was done in the expectation that the Indian government’s stance would shift favourably and allow the mission to resume normal operations.”

The embassy acknowledged that some may try to portray this move as an internal battle involving diplomats who shifted allegiance to the Taliban, but said that this decision is a result of broader changes in policy and interests. The statement also said that for the Afghan citizens in India, the Embassy extends its sincere gratitude for their understanding and support throughout the mission’s tenure.

Situated in the heart of Delhi, the embassy is strategically located to facilitate communication and collaboration between the governments of Afghanistan and India. The building itself is a blend of traditional Afghan architecture and modern design, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan. The embassy served as a symbolic representation of the strong historical and cultural connections between the two nations.

Despite “resource and power limitations,” the Afghan embassy stated that it has worked “tirelessly for their betterment and in the absence of a legitimate government in Kabul.”

The Afghan community in India has seen a significant decline over the last two years and three months, with Afghan refugees, students, and traders leaving the country. According to the embassy’s statement, the number has nearly halved since August 2021, with very few new visas being issued during this time.

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What Happens Now?

Embassies often play a humanitarian role in times of crisis. There are currently no Afghan Republic diplomats in India. Those who served in the national capital have safely returned to other countries, the embassy said in a statement, adding that the only people still in India are Taliban diplomats who are visible at their regular online meetings.

The Afghan Republic’s ambassadors have handed over the mission entirely to the Indian government. It is now up to the Indian government to decide the mission’s fate, whether to keep it closed or consider alternatives, such as giving it up to Taliban diplomats. Diplomats nominated by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have officially completed their mandate. “The unfortunate conclusion of the Republic mission marks the end of the Afghan Republic in India,” it continued.

Notably, the Afghan embassy announced the cessation of its operations on November 1, blaming the Taliban regime’s lack of resources and failure to meet Afghanistan’s interests. The embassy expressed appreciation and solidarity with Afghan citizens in India, thanking them for their patience and support during the mission’s existence.

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Cover image credits: X/Afghan Embassy India

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