Emirates Announces More Flight Cancellations, Cancels Flights To Cairo

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Emirates Announces More Flight Cancellations, Cancels Flights To Cairo

Emirates airline has announced a long list of flight cancellations over the past few days, due to covid 19. And now, the airline has added yet another destination to its list. Emirates has pulled back services to Cairo, Algiers, Tunis, and Khartoum, in order to contain the spread.

Here’s the list of destinations where Emirates has suspended operations:

  • Algiers and Khartoum- March 18- until the end of the month
  • Cairo- Until March 31
  • Tunis- From today until May 20
  • Casablanca-  Since March 16 up to the end of this month
  • Mexico City (via Barcelona)- March 20 to April 30
  • To and from Barcelona: March 20 until April 30
  • Madrid- Today until end of April

Flights to and from Peshawar have been rerouted through Islamabad from March 15. “The situation remains dynamic, and our flight schedules may change at short notice to comply with regulatory directives or operational requirements,” Emirates said on its website.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Etihad also suspended flights to Cairo from 18 March. Many passengers have been impacted by the cancellations. However, those who planned to fly before June 30, but whose flights have been cancelled, or directed not to travel by their local authorities can rebook their trip for free until 30 June. However, only one change is permitted.

Getting Refunds

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled or there are travel restrictions, will get a fare refund without penalty. Refunds on all other tickets will be based on the applicable fare rule. Travellers who booked directly with Etihad can apply for refunds by completing a request form at www.Etihad.com/refund. Those who booked tickets through a travel agent must contact their respective agents.