Enjoy The Millet Meals At Just ₹100 At Kaulige Foods At Brigade Road

by Jeelani Shareif
Enjoy The Millet Meals At Just ₹100 At Kaulige Foods At Brigade Road

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Kaulige Foods serves healthy Millet Meal lunches at only ₹100 at Brigade road, Bengaluru. 

What Is It?

Are you a super food addict, or just someone who prefers eating different? Try converting your regular lunch to a power lunch with these super healthy Millet Meal Thalis at Kaulige Foods. These Thalis have a variety to choose from- Foxtail Millet Pulao, Jowar Rotis, Proso Millet Payasa (Dessert), Millet Daal Vadas, Kaalu Palya (Lobia Sabji), Mix Vegetable Curry. Try it, love it and enjoy it.

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Whats In It?

Kaulige Foods is your regular al fresco joint amidst the busy street of Brigade Road that’s ever hauling with bad traffic. This joint has a friendly, no fuss decor. The walls are full of notes on millets and frames that tell stories of this super food. It’s one of those places that give a clear indication of ‘oh I can get so healthy meme’ anytime, clearing a mind and connecting a new edu-food-cation kind of vibes with their in-house millet store where you can learn and buy that makes it an Instagram friendly joint.

Kaulige Foods
Kaulige Foods

What Else?

One can try the Foxtail Millet Bisi Bele Baath (Hot Lentil Rice), an all day favourite this spicy, tasty and nutritious bhat is made of vegetables, lentils and millets is one stop for all benefits. The sweets are equally healthy here, South India’s ever present and evergreen payasa has been turned into Little Millet Rava Payasa which will not let you feel guilty with its sweet and yummy flavours. Sprouts Salad is light, and on the go and very delicious.

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Address: Kaulige Foods Bangalore’s Millet Corner, 8&9 A Block 1st Floor, St Patrick’s Shopping Complex,
Brigade Road, Ashok Nagar Bengaluru
Phone: 4164 9279
Approx meal: ₹ 500 for 2 people, Millet Lunch costs ₹ 100


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