Enjoy Scuba Diving Sessions In Chennai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Enjoy Scuba Diving Sessions In Chennai

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Dive into the deep blue ocean and experience the marine life in Chennai’s coastal regions with Dive Chennai.

What Is It?

Based on the southern outskirts of Chennai, Dive Chennai conducts scuba diving courses from beginners to pro level divers and recreational day trips. Experience the underworld with scuba and explore the beautiful marine life underneath.

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What’s In It?

You can choose to dive up to a maximum depth of 12m into the Bay of Bengal and explore the marine life underneath. Witness spectacular fishes and touch the corals as you swim past them. 

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They have Pool PSD which includes a half day training and one-day theory session and swimming pool training session. Currently, they dive at multiple sites ranging from 5m to 40m depth, with average ocean temperatures of 28 degrees and visibility up to 40m.

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The qualified divers will guide you through and even provide you with a specialized training and certification course.


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Address: Dive Chennai, Off Road Sports Campus, 168/3D, Pattipulam, ECR Road, Chennai 603104
Phone: +91-739-738-7776, +91-900-312-2231


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