Enjoy UNLIMITED Barbeque And Buffet With Desserts At Just ₹630 At This Pune Restaurant

by Suchismita Pal
Enjoy UNLIMITED Barbeque And Buffet With Desserts At Just ₹630 At This Pune Restaurant

We gastronomes love binging on good food. For us, overeating is normal and dieting is illusionary. No wonder, the very utterance of the phrase ‘unlimited food’ makes us jump with joy. And a restaurant rolling out such offer can never skip our eyes. This time, we bumped into a chic restaurant in Pune where you can eat as much as you want to at a pocket-friendly rate. The unlimited buffet at Pune’s barbecue restaurant Roti Shoti Aur Kebab comprises 10 types of starters, 2 snacks from the live counter, 4 types of curries, roti or naan, 2 types of rice and 3 types of desserts. You can have unlimited quantities of these dishes by shelling out just ₹630.

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Gorge On Unlimited Quantities Of Malai Paneer, Mushroom Banjara, Moong Halwa And More!

Located beside Natural’s Ice Cream in Pune’s Shivajinagar, Roti Shoti Aur Kebab serves the best buffet in Pune. The dishes are wholesome and absolutely lip-smacking. The menu keeps changing from time to time. Some dishes included in the unlimited menu are Paneer Tikka, Mushroom Banjara, Alu Hariyali, Mohri Batata, Pasta, Patthar Ke Paneer, Malai Paneer, Veg Korma, Alu Bhindi and Thai Curry, among others. Desserts include options like Moong Halwa, Aamrakhand and Ice cream.

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Drench Your Throat With Refreshing Mocktails

Roti Shoti Aur Kebab is a pure vegetarian restaurant and offers a plethora of finger-licking vegetarian dishes. If you want to drench your throat, you can pick from their refreshing mocktails. These drinks do not come with the buffet. You can order them separately. The restaurant has a cosy sitting area, ideal for a family outing. The buffet timings are from 12:30 PM to 3 PM and from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. Also, keep an eye on the Instagram handle of the restaurant for their updated menus. Till then, enjoy this virtual tour of Pune from the comfort of your couch: