Ethiopian Airlines Urges Qatar Embassy For A Simpler Visa Process; Says It Will Boost Tourism

by Deeplata Garde
Ethiopian Airlines Urges Qatar Embassy For A Simpler Visa Process; Says It Will Boost Tourism

Qatar, along with other nations, can apply for the Ethiopian e-Visa online using a website created especially to cut down on wait times and offer foreign visitors a more secure, dependable platform. However, the procedure still has to be streamlined for the applicants’ convenience. Ethiopian Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, has been pleading with the embassy to streamline the procedure for Qataris and citizens.

Simplified Visa Process For Qataris

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The airline is pressuring government representatives and the Ethiopian Embassy in Qatar to simplify the application procedure for citizens and residents seeking visas to Ethiopia. The main objective is to increase tourism in Ethiopia.

Authorities claim that nations that provide it and airlines would have a competitive edge if visa applications were processed more quickly. According to the most recent Henley Passport Index, Qataris can travel to 101 countries without a visa. On the other hand, a number of nations, including Georgia and Armenia, let Qatari citizens with a current residency permit to travel there without a visa.

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Ethiopian Airlines Are Promoting Toursim Through Multiple Ways

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a slowdown in travel, but airlines and tourist sites are slowly recovering, demonstrating how eager every nation is to draw visitors. Authority from Ethiopian Airlines claims that the airline is actively promoting leisure and tourist travel to Ethiopia and Africa in conjunction with the Qatari embassy and other travel partners in Doha. Surafel Saketa Geleta, Ethiopian Airlines’ Area Manager for Qatar, offered his opinion on the subject. The airline’s vacation packages offer exceptional rates that Qatari travel and tour companies may offer their consumers.

Travelling to Africa is fairly convenient with Ethiopian Airlines. You will stay in Addis Ababa for an hour and a half if you are transiting there before continuing to your final destination. Convenience and economies of scale are what they are representing through these initiatives. Because Ethiopian Airlines is a well-known brand in Africa, it becomes easy to negotiate with numerous corporations, hotels, and resorts without having to employ a tiny travel agency to do so.

At the moment, Ethiopian Airlines is putting a lot of effort into building on and investing in its credibility in the hospitality and tourism industries.

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