Explore The History Of Chembur’s Iconic Saroj Sweets With Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Explore The History Of Chembur’s Iconic Saroj Sweets With Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

When you reach Chembur Station in Mumbai, you will see a signboard stating ‘Saroj Sweets’ and will be surrounded by the aroma of delightful delicacies. This place has an interesting story of its origin. So, in this episode Stories From Bharat, with the Curly Tales editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani, we went to Chembur to meet the Director of Saroj Sweets and get to know the story! 

Saroj Sweets In Chembur Is An Iconic Shop!

Job after marriage is a dream for many women in India, but the Director of Saroj Sweets, Manisha Marathe, made her dream come true! Though she never got to become an IPS officer, Manisha Marathe used her talent and became one of the most successful women and an icon. 

While speaking to her, we discovered that the sweet shop was started by Manisha Marathe’s father-in-law who worked for the Britishers. She further states that they never use any preservatives, colour or even silver leaf that we usually find on various sweets. And this has been their motto since the beginning of their shop. Manisha Marathe always thought that no one knew her store but was shocked to find out that her sweets are famous even in London! 

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Speaking about the production of sweets, she reveals they make the mawa from themselves and the use of machines helps to maintain the quality and increase the production of sweets. 

Manisha Marathe’s Will Power

saroj sweets
Credits: Curly Tales India

While talking about her passion for the police force, she reveals that it was her dream to be an IPS officer and she had learnt different martial arts. She maintained her physical fitness keeping her goal in mind. However, her family members, including her grandfather who was a police officer, denied her wish. 

She met her husband while working for Air India and they got married in just 15 days! Though she had to leave her job after marriage, Manisha Marathe was determined to work and joined their business despite ‘log kya kahenge?’ 

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In the end, Manisha Marathe says that if you have a vision then pursue that vision! Well, this was the story of Chembur’s Saroj Sweets. Don’t forget to tune in to the video linked above!

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly tales India