Faux Pas You Need To Avoid At The Beach

by Sneha Pai
Faux Pas You Need To Avoid At The Beach

1. Get Yourself Pregnant

Beach warnings shouldn’t be ignored and this one should definitely be avoided. Ladies, Sex on the Beach may be a great cocktail but let’s keep it to that, shall we? Unless, of course, he is going to put a ring on it. Most underrated faux pas among unmarried couples.

2. Give Your Phone To A Stranger For Pictures

Use a selfie stick for God’s sake! The last thing you want to do is go chasing behind a stranger instead of enjoying the serene sunset on the beach.

3. Get Caught In High Spirits or Just High

Lest you forgot, the Chief Minister has imposed a fine to those found guilty of alcohol in the no-alcohol zone. Getting caught in an illegal activity can simply ruin your trip. Play safe and come back with happy memories.

4. Get SunBurnt

Tan is good. Bad tan lines – not cool! Strictly avoid unless you are comfortable going topless. Also, don’t forget to use a sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher. A wide range of these is easily available at the general store near you. Check with a dermatologist to figure out which one suits you the best!

5. Click Clichéd Pictures

Imagine spending hours clicking that gorgeous sunset from the beach and hardly getting any hearts on Instagram… NIGHTMARE! Instead, try these 8 super cool poses to up your Insta game!


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