Find New Friends Wherever You Go

by Sneha Pai
Find New Friends Wherever You Go

1. Use the Grapevine of People Around You

Going to a new place? Ask your friends or family if they know anyone in the place you are visiting. You will be surprised! Even if you are not, you can try the below :)

2. Share Your Ride

Share cab options Uber Share (travel), Ola Share (travel) and the likes let you interact with people in a safe environment.

3. Got Some Extra Cash?

Who said you can’t buy me a drink! ;) Be careful how you use it, though.

4. Enroll in Community Activities

Community activities are great to meet new people and connect. Ditch the local malls. Try activities that interest you. For example, most places offer walking tours. Bask in some sun and exchange stories while you get to know like-minded people.

5. Open Up!

When you are in Rome, behave like a Roman! Try to blend in with the culture and people around you.

After all, rajma chawal hi khaane hain toh ghar pe raho :P

6. Try Barter

Families on portals such as Airbnb are open to renting their houses and in return, you can help around with mundane day-to-day tasks. Home cooked food + family setup + a roof over your head sounds like a great bargain, doesn’t it?!

7. Flaunt Your Creativity

Are you artistic? Offer to apply henna tattoos. Are you funny? Engage potential friends with humour.

Creatively and humorously handicapped people like me can try kindness. It always works :)



Do you have the talent to turn strangers into your friends? Share the trick with us in comments below

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