Here’s How Much It Will Cost To Charter Flights To FIFA World Cup In Qatar

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How Much It Will Cost To Charter Flights To FIFA World Cup In Qatar

The countdown to the 2022 FIFA World Cup is on, and it’s causing quite a stir in the Middle East. The England-America tournament that is happening in Qatar this year is making quite a stir. An unbelievable request for 3 million tickets for the world cup has come up from the crazy football fans. And the sky is the limit for these fans as they are booking everything possible to fly to this destination.

Launch Of Special Charter Flights From Dubai to Doha

Are you going to attend the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar? DC Aviation Al-Futtaim is offering special charter flights from Dubai to Doha. Millions of supporters are looking for ways to go to the competition, which begins on November 21 and has match tickets on sale.

Because of the lack of availability of airline tickets and lodging in Qatar during the World Cup, flight prices have risen dramatically. The cost of a one-way charter flight from Dubai to Doha might exceed $18,000.

According to Etihad Airways’ website, a roundtrip ticket from Abu Dhabi to Doha in November is presently priced at over Dh5,600 ($1,524). During the World Cup, Emirates is not taking reservations for flights between Dubai and Doha.

On the other hand, a Qatar Airways economy class ticket from Dubai to Doha on November 22 and a return on November 28 is now listed at Dh1,495 on the airline’s website. Didn’t get your hands on flight tickets? Try the below option to make sure you don’t miss the matches.

The Luxurious Floating Hotel To Watch FIFA World Cup

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) and MSC Cruises have partnered to set up two cruise liners to accommodate supporters for Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is actually slated to begin on November 21.

From mid-November through the beginning of December, accommodations will be available. As a result, the World Cup cruise ship option would only be viable for group games. The knockout rounds begin in early December when the lines depart Doha. Even still, considering these desert bungalows are only $207 per night, we’d rather pay for a cruise ship.

The costs are reasonable, with a two-night double-room stay starting at $358, including a buffet breakfast. It has dozens of pools, slides, tennis and basketball courts, as well as ocean-view jacuzzis. This is a sureshot luxury deal.

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