French Fries And Sausage Being Sold For ₹1,000 Makes Twitter Furious

by Sanmita A
French Fries And Sausage Being Sold For ₹1,000 Makes Twitter Furious

All eyes are on the Commonwealth Games 2022 as it’s currently happening in Birmingham. Aside from the medal count and participants, the meals served at the CWG 2022 have caught our attention. Recently, a fan from Birmingham attending the CWG 2022, shared a snippet of his meal. The meal box had French fries and one sausage and was priced at almost 10 pounds. In India rupees, the meal costs about ₹1,000. Yes, that is how much fans attending the events are paying! Quite a hefty amount, right?

CWG 2022 Events & Meal Controversy?

A Twitter user, named Williams shared what he bought at the CWG swimming venue and the internet clearly was mad about the insane price. He wrote, ‘this is the sausage and chips I had at the Sandwell Leisure Centre ahead of tonight’s swimming events at @birminghamcg22. This cost £9.80! 🙂

Take a look at the post below-

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What Does The Internet Think About It?

After the post, the netizens were quite taken aback by the high price charged only for fries and sausage. A Twitter user even termed it ‘robbery’. Take a look at what people are actually thinking about this unusual price of a simple meal.

“Be fair the total ingredients cost at least £1.

‘Commonwealth scran away with your money’

‘You were robbed 🤯’

This is what Williams had to say regarding the taste, ‘The strange thing is that while they do look anemic, they actually did taste pretty good in fairness – even at that price. If they were bad chips i’d happily call them out, but in this instance they genuinely weren’t 🙂’

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