Friend In Cockpit? DGCA Suspends Licence Of Another Air India Pilot In Similar Incident

by Tejashee Kashyap
Friend In Cockpit? DGCA Suspends Licence Of Another Air India Pilot In Similar Incident

The cockpit is a critical area where the pilots operate the aircraft and ensure the safety of the flight. It requires a high level of concentration and focuses on flight operations. In most countries, aviation regulations strictly prohibit unauthorised individuals from accessing the cockpit, except for authorised crew members. And now, after breaking safety regulations by letting a buddy inside the cockpit of a Chandigarh-Leh aircraft, an Air India pilot’s licence has been banned for a year.

DGCA Suspends An Air India Pilot’s Licence

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An Air India pilot’s licence was suspended by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday for a year after he violated safety regulations earlier this month by allowing a buddy to sit in the cockpit on a flight from Chandigarh to Leh.

The civil aviation authorities also suspended the co-pilot’s licence for a month for failing to voice any concerns or report the infraction. Moreover, the airline had earlier suspended the pilot and co-pilot for six months and one month, respectively.

An airline representative had claimed that Captain Singh had given a passenger helicopter pilot access to the cockpit of the flight after it departed Chandigarh on June 3. Upon reaching Chandigarh, a male crew member reported the incident. Then, the matter was reported to the DGCA.

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This Is The Second Incident Involving The Airline

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In most commercial flights, passengers are not allowed inside the cockpit during the flight. Passengers are generally required to remain in the cabin throughout the flight, and they can communicate with the flight crew through the cabin crew if needed. This arrangement helps maintain the safe and orderly operation of the flight.

Allowing passengers inside the cockpit could potentially disrupt the pilots’ tasks, compromise flight safety, and violate security protocols. However, this is the second incident involving Air India in recent months.

On February 27, the pilot in charge of an aircraft between Delhi and Dubai let a passenger into the cockpit while it was in flight. Although this was brought to the attention of the airline’s top management at the time, nothing was done about it until a cabin crew member contacted the DGCA.

Later in May, the DGCA suspended the pilot-in-command’s licence for three months following an inquiry. Air India was also additionally fined ₹30 lakh. The airline reported the Chandigarh-Leh flight incident to the DGCA and promptly suspended the pilots for an investigation.

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