From 51 Coconuts To Match Predictions From A Cat, Here’s How Indians Are Watching The World Cup

Cricket lovers have taken to X (former Twitter) to share how they are watching the India vs Australia ICC Men's Cricket World Cup.

by Sanjana Shenoy
From 51 Coconuts To Match Predictions From A Cat, Here’s How Indians Are Watching The World Cup

The India vs Australia World Cup finals has each one of us glued to our TV screens. While some of us are seeking solace in munchies others in pujas, the cricket World Cup finals have us watching the match with bated breath. Many have taken to social media to give a glimpse of how they are watching the match.

Netizens Take To X To Share How They Are Watching IN vs AUS World Cup Match

A man from Thane apparently ordered 51 coconuts on Swiggy to manifest India’s win. This unique gesture was done to bring good luck to Team India. Many X users have reshared the photo on the microblogging site. Swiggy took to X to state that the person ordered 51 nariyal, let’s hope the trophy is coming home this time! This unique gesture has left many curious and amused.

Swiggy shared another pic of a person holding closed hands in front of a cat, asking the feline to choose the winner of the World Cup. The picture showed the cat sniffing the person’s fists only to lean towards the right fist. No points for guessing, the cat chose India! Is the cute billi, India’s answer to Paul the Octopus that predicted 8 football World Cup games in 2010?

@Abhishe94382279, an X user shared a picture of a delicious pizza. With snacks ready, entertainment full-on, @Abhishe94382279 lauded Rohit Sharma for commencing the match perfectly. The foodie now looked forward to a big score. Swiggy even went ahead and cheekily shared a picture of fafda, dhokla, jalebi and khandvi and said that was the only yellow Indians need to support right now!  

Swiggy Enters The Chat & How!

Unfortunately, with 4 batters down, the Indian team is in a dicey situation. With cricket fans silent in the Narendra Modi stadium and the rest of us perhaps stress eating in front of our TV screens, trust Swiggy to still calm you down. A Swiggy notification sent to users has the food delivery app telling cricket fans to calm down. Instead, it urges fans to manifest a match-wining partnership for the team by ordering delish munchies.

On the day of the India vs Australia cricket World Cup, you can pretty much assume that almost everyone will be busy ordering food home to enjoy the match with their family and friends. For a short bit, Swiggy faced the brunt of match cravings as @Aprameyasonu said on X that the app was crashing thanks to crazy traffic.

Apart from India losing 4 wickets, @alok923 has more worries than he can handle on his plate. He stated on X that the food he ordered from Barbeque Nation was stale. Moreover, he criticised Swiggy for not listening to his issue. Citing the World Cup watching experience was spoiled for him thanks to the India losing its wickets early and the stale food, the customer was highly disappointed. 

Apartment complexes have put out screens for community viewing! Isn’t that the best way to watch a match?

And of course trust khakhra, chivda, chakli and other farsan to be our constant companion during the nail-biting finals.

Meanwhile, do let us know how you are watching the World Cup match? Doing puja, stress eating chips, ordering nariyal, or closing your eyes and praying for the best?

Cover Image Courtesy: @Swiggy/ X

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