From Karachi’s Haleem To Lahore’s Nihari, Wasim Akram Talks Food & More Kamiya Jani

by Mallika Khurana
From Karachi’s Haleem To Lahore’s Nihari, Wasim Akram Talks Food & More Kamiya Jani

One of the most renowned Pakistani cricketers, Wasim Akram, is a talented person who not only made a name for himself as a cricket player but also as a coach and commentator. After garnering a lot of praise and respect from people in Pakistan as well as India for his skills, he retired from the field.

Now, he has stepped back into the game again with the Legends League Cricket, and we are extremely excited to watch him play again. On this Eid special episode of The Legends, this talented man joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to elaborate on his love for food. Check out the full episode to know all that he talked about.

Wasim Akram Revealed His Love For Global Cuisines

Wasim Akram retired from the field around 20 years ago, in 2003. To be back on the playing field after so long must have been an exciting step. Sharing his experience in Qatar, he said that it has been a wonderful change for him. He also talked about loving the food in Qatar, and we wanted to know if he is a foodie.

In response, he shared that people often mistake eating too much for being a foodie. In reality, being a foodie implies an interest in trying different cuisines, but moderately, of course. After revealing that he is a true foodie, he shared that he loves Indian and Pakistani food. Japanese fusion and Peruvian cuisine are also some of his favourites. He shared that his interest in exploring different cuisines developed over the last 20 years under his wife’s influence.

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He Recommended The Best Food In Pakistan

Wasim Akram the Legends
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After giving a powerful message about the India-Pakistan matches being just a sports tournament and not a war, Wasim Akram continued to express his love for India and Indian food. Given his expertise in food, who better than him to give us recommendations for Pakistani food? He shared that there is a constant debate about food in Karachi and Lahore. Settling the bet between the cities, he shared that while Karachi has better Biryani, Lahore has lip-smacking Nihari. He finds Haleem in Karachi more delicious and believes the Barbeque in both cities to be equally amazing.

Further in the episode, he disclosed his travels in Indian cities, and it was an insightful conversation. Watch the full episode to learn all about it.

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