From Mid-Air Emergency To Hailstorm Landing, 5 Major Airline Updates You Need To Know

Insights into the intricate tapestry of the aviation industry.

by Mallika Khurana
From Mid-Air Emergency To Hailstorm Landing, 5 Major Airline Updates You Need To Know

Navigating the skies is often a blend of soaring heights and unforeseen turbulence. From the legal intricacies of deregistering bankrupt airlines’ fleets to the resilience showcased amidst nature’s fury, and even a legal tussle over reclining seats, each narrative unveils a facet of this ever-evolving industry. So, buckle up as we embark on a journey through five captivating airline updates.

Major Airline Updates To Note

1. DGCA Deregisters Go First’s Fleet

Go First
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Go First, formerly known as GoAir, faced significant financial turbulence leading to its bankruptcy. With 54 leased planes under its belt, the airline halted operations in May the previous year. In a recent development, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) deregistered all these aircraft after foreign lessors sought to reclaim their planes. According to the Indian Express, the Delhi High Court’s directive mandated the DGCA to process the lessors’ applications swiftly, completing the deregistration within five working days. 

2. Air India Extends Tel Aviv Flight Suspension

Amidst escalating tensions in the region, Air India decided to prolong the suspension of its flights to and from Tel Aviv until May 15. This extension, prompted by alleged fresh air strikes, underscores the airline’s commitment to prioritising passenger safety. Air India’s proactive measures include extending support to affected passengers with a one-time waiver on rescheduling and cancellation charges, as per CNBC TV18 reports. With three weekly flights connecting Tel Aviv and India, the airline navigates geopolitical complexities while ensuring operational continuity. 

3. Attempted Opening Of Emergency Door Mid-Air

airline updates
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A harrowing incident unfolded aboard an IndiGo flight from Kolkata to Bengaluru when a passenger attempted to open the emergency exit door mid-air. According to Hindustan Times reports, the swift action of the cabin crew averted a potential catastrophe, leading to the individual’s apprehension upon landing. While the passenger cited ignorance of flight regulations, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of passenger education and crew training in handling emergencies. 

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4. Vistara Flight’s Emergency Landing Due To Hailstorm

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A Vistara flight bound for New Delhi was forced to make an emergency landing in Bhubaneswar shortly after take-off due to a hailstorm. The aircraft sustained damage, including a cracked windshield, prompting the swift decision to return to the departure airport. According to Hindustan Times, despite the ordeal, all 169 passengers and crew emerged unscathed.

5. Indian Couple Takes On Singapore Airlines

airline updates
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A senior police officer from Telangana and his wife took legal action against Singapore Airlines following a disappointing business-class experience. Despite paying premium fares, the couple faced inconvenience due to a malfunctioning automatic recline feature. Their subsequent lawsuit against the airline resulted in a ruling in their favour, according to Indian Express reports. 

These airline updates certainly offer a panoramic view of the complexities and resilience within India’s aviation landscape.

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