From Pune To Kolkata, 5 Metros In India That Offer Students Pass & Discounts

by Shreya Rathod
From Pune To Kolkata, 5 Metros In India That Offer Students Pass & Discounts

Being a student means concessions in travel and other facilities. With the introduction of the metro, commuting has become easier for everyone. Here is the list of Indian Metros which offer ‘student pass’ and other offers that you can avail of.

5 Indian Metros That Offer Student Pass

1. Pune Metro

pune metro student-friendly
Credits: Wikimedia

The Pune Metro introduced the “One Pune Vidyarthi Pass” in an effort to give students quick, secure, cashless transactions while minimising their travel time and costs. The pass will start working on Friday. The Pune Metro is giving away the first 10,000 of these passes/cards for free as an introductory gesture. The card allows up to 20 contactless purchases per day with a cap of ₹2,000 per transaction and ticket computations based on entry and exit taps. Users can top up or recharge their passes at the metro station counters in Pune, online through the “One Pune Card” customer portal, or through digital kiosks in metro stations.

2. Kochi Metro

kochi metro
Credits: Wikimedia

The Kochi Metro has introduced a student-only travel card. Up to fifty journeys could be taken with the “VIDYA 45” credit card in 45 days. This card allowed the pupils to travel anywhere. The card could be purchased for ₹495, thus a single trip would only cost slightly less than ₹10. In the meantime, students can buy the card at any metro station by showing their identity cards issued by the applicable institutions. Those enrolling in competitive test preparation courses at one of the city’s numerous coaching centres can also use the metro card. They must present an undertaking that was issued by their institute and contain a photograph of the student.

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3. Hyderabad Metro

hyderabad metro
Credits: Wikimedia

For the convenience of students, Hyderabad Metro offers smart card passes. By purchasing the cards, they can take advantage of 30 excursions throughout all fare zones for the price of just 20 trips. Students can use the pass if they were born after April 1, 1998. 30 days are allowed after the purchase date for the travel pass to be used. Only one smart card will be issued per student for the duration of the promotion, which runs from July 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

4. Nagpur Metro

nagpur metro
Credits: Wikimedia

The Nagpur Metro had increased the student and other academic groups’ 30% fare reduction. Earlier, a 30% fare discount was implemented for students enrolled in HSSC (12th Standard). Students studying ITI courses, certificates, and graduation programmes can now take advantage of the same. On February 13, the new discounted fare system went into force. The students responded well to this, and they then demanded that the concession be extended to other academic sections as well.

5. Kolkata Metro

kolkata metro metros student pass
Credits: Wikimedia

The Kolkata Metro has started providing discounts to students in order to guarantee better services. According to a representative of Kolkata Metro, students at 120 accredited institutions and ITIs in the area of Kolkata have been receiving these discounts on a regular basis. He reaffirmed that between April 2022 and February 2023, the Metro Railway issued 2,509 new Student Smart Cards and recharged about 3,709 Student Smart Cards as part of its student concession programme. There are two types of student smart cards available, one for 40 rides and the other for 80 rides.

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These Indian Metro services offer discounts and passes for students!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

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