From Sky Diving To Paragliding: Olympic Champion Neeraj Chopra Unleashes His Adventure Junkie Side In Switzerland

Neeraj Chopra
by Sanmita A

Switzerland Tourism has announced Olympic Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra as the ‘Friendship Ambassador’. Neeraj Chopra will take on the role of promoting the adventurous and fun side of Switzerland. During his visit to Switzerland, Neeraj Chopra visited the Interlaken, Zermatt and Geneva to try adrenaline-pumping activities. he went ahead to try sky diving, monster biking, paragliding, and a helicopter tour in Zermatt. Read on to know the fun activities Neeraj Chopra embarked on during his Switzerland tour.

Experiencing Snow Sports, Hiking, Biking With Close Friends: Neeraj Chopra Calls Switzerland His Favourite Holiday Destination


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Neeraj shares how the country enabled him to unwind after a hectic season. He explored Switzerland with his closest friends and enjoyed some fun activities with them. Well, bonding over trips and adventure can be the best thing with friends.  And he totally agrees with it. What sets Switzerland apart is the destination is not just limited to its mountains, it has a lot to offer to an ardent traveller. From river rafting to canyon swinging, Neeraj and his squad had a gala time in Switzerland.

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Choose A Calming Yet Exhilarating Experience In Switzerland


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While Switzerland is the best place to calm your nerves and enjoy a relaxing vacation, Neeraj Chopra’s idea of Switzerland is different. It’s all about adventure sports for the adventure junkie. Similarly, being the adventure junkie you are, it won’t be fair to limit yourself to the terrains of India. Switzerland is showcasing to the world and primarily Indian travellers, what is in store for them if they want to travel to an international destination. And, if you watch the snippets the Olympic gold medalist has shared about his time in Switzerland, you will be thrilled to explore the different facets of this gorgeous country.

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