Frustrated Passenger Tweets ‘Flight Hijack’ After Dubai Jaipur Flight Get’s Delayed; Arrested!

by Deeplata Garde
Frustrated Passenger Tweets ‘Flight Hijack’ After Dubai Jaipur Flight Get’s Delayed; Arrested!

We all face flight delays at some point in our life. But putting the crowd in panic due to delay is just not right. A similar situation surfaced on the Dubai Jaipur flight. A frustrated passenger travelling on this route was not very happy with the flight delay owing to bad weather conditions. His one tweet about the flight hijack could have put people in jeopardy.

Frustrated Passenger Tweets ‘Flight Hijack’ After Flight Delays

Pic Creds: Twitter/ Moti Singh Rathore

The individual was given to the neighbouring police station so that legal action could be initiated against him. After the news of the tweet went viral the passenger was immediately deboarded from the Spicejet plane along with his bags.

Moti Singh Rathore, the passenger, is a 29-year-old Nagaur, Rajasthan, native. After his tweet about the hijack he tweeted about his weak hold on English and that he by mistakenly used the word ‘Hijack’  instead of writing flight delayed.  But that didn’t stop the officials to take immediate action against him.

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Bad Weather Conditions Forced The Flight To Take A Detour

After being forced to deviate from its intended course due to inclement weather, the jet touched down at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport. On Wednesday, it arrived in Delhi at 9:45 am, and by 1:40 pm, it had received all necessary approvals to leave. At that point, Moti Rathore tweeted that the aircraft had been hijacked.

The individual was handed over to the adjacent police station for further legal action after being deplaned from the plane along with his luggage. After all the tests were completed, the flight was released.

In connection with the matter, an FIR was filed under the pertinent sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

We understand that nobody likes getting delayed on their journey. But making any statements and actions that will prove to be a National security threat is unacceptable.

And with so many cases of planes being hijacked in the past, tweeting something similar to gain the attention of the officials is an illicit act.

Maintaining peaceful behaviour and being cooperative in such conditions can make things easier for everyone around.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library