Germany Issued The Highest Number Of Work Visas To Indians In 2022; New Citizenship Laws Introduced

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Germany Issued The Highest Number Of Work Visas To Indians In 2022; New Citizenship Laws Introduced

India received the highest number of work visas from Germany in 2022. Indians received a total of 17,379 national work visas last year, out of the 152,336 total national work visas issued to foreigners. The majority of these, 8,613 work visas, were issued by the German Consulate General in Bengaluru. 

Germany Issued The Highest Number Of Work Visas To Indians

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According to the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, the German Consulate General in Mumbai (3,013) granted the second-highest number of work visas for Indians, followed by the Consulate General in Chennai (2,483), the German Embassy in New Delhi (2,434), and the German Consulate in Kolkata (836).

8,930 visas in this category were awarded to Indian citizens, making India the country with the highest number of such visas overall. Iran came in last on this ranking, ahead of Lebanon, Russia, Kosovo, and Turkey.

Additionally, according to data from the German Federal Foreign Office, the third-highest number of national visas were issued in 2022 for academic pursuits. India received 17,268 of the 71,018 student visas that Germany issued to foreign students in 2022, followed by Turkey (7,176) and China (7,077). (as per moneycontrol)

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New Regulations Welcomed

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The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) in Germany has adopted a draft law that will simplify the laws and procedures for foreigners seeking citizenship.

The new regulations would reduce the time spent residing in Germany from eight to five years, and they will award citizenship to children born there if at least one parent has resided there for five years.

Even after just three years, applicants who can demonstrate a high level of integration in Germany and have a high level of German language proficiency may be granted citizenship.

Long-term residents of Germany who are foreigners, particularly so-called guest workers who arrived in the 1960s and 1970s, will only need to pass an oral exam instead of a written one.

Dual or multiple citizenships are permitted, but if a person joins the military or a comparable foreign armed association or actively takes part in a terrorist organization’s foreign combat operations, their German citizenship will be revoked. (as per moneycontrol)

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