Get Onboard These 5 Beautiful Virtual Train Journeys From Your Home Right Now

by Suchismita Pal
Get Onboard These 5 Beautiful Virtual Train Journeys From Your Home Right Now

Those who love travelling, know what fun lies in some adventures train rides. But when did you last think of enjoying multiple train rides one after another from your home? You might not have thought that way but now you can actually binge-watch these rides, not only to pass your time but also to get that 3-dimensional travel feel. We’ve listed the best train rides from across the world for you that can actually satiate the wanderlust in you.

1. Bernina Route

It’s the highest railway alpine crossing as well as the highest adhesion railway in Europe. Starting from St.Moritz, Switzerland and ending at Tirano, Italy, this route incorporates lofty mountains, clear blue waters and breathtaking rustic landscapes. While you cannot go to Switzerland now, you can enjoy the journey virtually at least below. It’s jaw-dropping, guys!

2. Pikes Peak Cog Railway

The Pikes Peak in Colorado is about 14,115 feet above sea level. Want to travel atop it? You can fulfil your wish by taking your journey on this train route. This is the highest train in North America and runs from a station in Manitou Springs. Watch the video to see how the train is beautifully cutting through the rugged mountains.

3. North Wales Coast Line

Here’s to travelling along the coast. Travel from England to Wales by planning your trip on this diesel passenger train starting from Chester city. The arresting view of the countryside and the Wales coast will please your eyes for sure.

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4. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge

From mountain hopping to washing off stresses with the view of majestic streams, this train journey will be one you will remember for a lifetime. A nature lover must plan this journey for real, at least once. Take the virtual ride now to clearly see the train passing through the iconic narrow-gauge heritage railroad. You need to enjoy this ride in three parts, which are as follows:

5. 7 Express Line, New York

If you’re missing your life outside the home too much now, this virtual train journey will come to your rescue. The video will take you through the bustling city of New York. The 7 Express Line, also known as Flushing Express, starts from Queens and goes up to Manhattan, and unveils picturesque cityscapes along of the NY subway.

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So, travel buffs, are you ready to escape to the faraway lands by starting your virtual tours on these trains?