Get Paid To Take Care Of Cats On A Greek Island

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Get Paid To Take Care Of Cats On A Greek Island

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This could be a dream job for all cat lovers, you can now get paid to live on a Greek island and take care of these tiny furballs.

What Is It?

An island in Greece, Syros, has a rehabilitation centre called God’s Little People Cat Rescue that has recently posted a job opportunity for a live-in caretaker to manage all 55 cats of the shelter.

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What’s In It?

Live on the Syros island, touted to be one the most beautiful locations in the world, it has a vibrant vibe to it along with serenity and peace. Pet the cats and enjoy a little bit of heaven on the island.

The founder of the shelter, Joan Bowell took to social media and posted about the job opportunity stating that she is looking for someone who can take over the daily running of her Greek cat sanctuary in her absence. The selected profile will be fortunate enough to live on the island paradise and take care of the 55 cats. The social post went viral shortly and got lots of tweets and responses, thousands of applicants have applied for the position including highly trained professionals like veterinarians and doctors.

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Bowell put up a shelter in order to save the tiny creatures of the island and along with the help of her husband. As part of the job, the selected applicant will get fully paid including water and electricity in a semi-detached modern tiny house with a garden. The daily hours of the job is that of a part-time, approximately 4 hours.

All expenses for the cat will be paid for including all veterinary care, you’ll be needing to drive the cats to the vet manually as their shelter is located on a secluded spot. Enjoy the tranquillity of the island and get to cuddle with your furry friends.


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Address: God’s Little People Cat Rescue, Syros, Greece


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