Get Wrapped Like A Sushi Roll At This Luxury Spa In Mumbai!

by Jinal Inamdar
Get Wrapped Like A Sushi Roll At This Luxury Spa In Mumbai!

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Spa by JW transports you in to a world of indulgence with their Marine Body Wrap, which wraps you like a sushi roll, to detoxify you at one go!

What Is It?

We’d heard about the variety of therapies offered at the Spa by JW offers but were most curious about the Marine Body Wrap. This is basically a massage therapy with an effective combination of an Asian and Swedish massage techniques. It has energizing properties of aromatic ginger oil and a marine algae body wrap full of minerals & vitamins, that they say helps restore the skins natural balance.

They literally wrap you like a sushi roll here; first in a towel followed by a plastic cover and then a thermal blanket! The heat caused by the thermal blanket increases perspiration, hence flushing out all the toxins from your body, replacing them by the minerals that are found in the seaweed. You literally sweat it out and do tend to feel slightly stuffy, but it leaves you feeling completely detoxified and relaxed!

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Price: ₹7200
Duration: 90mins

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Marine Body Wrap
Marine Body Wrap

Here’s 5 reasons why you must try out their Marine Body Wrap:

  1. Unique Treatment: I’m a spa buff and have tried out a lot of different spas in the city; but I felt this particular treatment is unique to JW in terms of the seaweed used for the treatment. Given the high-end products they use, the entire procedure was a premium range treatment.
  2. Luxury: You can indeed immerse yourself in that complete luxurious treatment without having to give up on finesse in the way they carry out the procedure. Its value for money.
  3. Hospitable Staff: They welcome you with a drink and the massage techniques used here are pretty relaxing. The staff is kind and answered all my questions.
  4. Well-Attended At All Times: You know of those spas where the masseuse does her job and leaves you alone in a dark room, asking you to enjoy your “me time”? Well, Spa by JW does let you enjoy your bit of time, but they are always around and keep checking with you, whether you are feeling okay or need anything. With the Marine body wrap, you tend to start feeling stuffy in the blanket as you are wrapped up in multiple layers that requires attention from time-to-time. The masseuse here does just that.
  5. Best Way To Detoxify: If you are all about those green shakes or juices and salads and drink up to 8 litres of water in a day, all just to detoxify your body, this treatment is definitely suited for you! 45 mins of massage followed by 45 mins of body wrap, leaves you almost, if not completely, detoxified and you can feel the result on your skin right after you’ve showered. Their luxury products are the best you can find

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Post-spa lounge
Post-spa lounge, JW Marriott Sahar

What Else?

The Marine Wrap treatment is great in itself, but one low down here is that the algae smells like fish; yes raw fish! That could be a turn-off for a lot of customers who wouldn’t like smelling like a fish for 45 minutes! The smell wears off however, once you’ve showered and the treatment leaves your skin feeling baby-soft and shiny.

Apart from the massages and wraps, they have an Ayurvedic treatment room that provides the goodness of age-old beauty recipes made from fresh and natural ingredients, all made at home. The Express Treatment pod is a unique feature at JW, where in it offers guests 12 minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes of dry massage for the back, neck, shoulder and hands. Aptly suited for the business traveler, who is always on the go.

Express Treatment pod
Express Treatment pod


Address: IA Project Road, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
Contact: 022 2853 8888


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