Heading To London? A Suite At Hotel Café Royal Will Get You A Rolls Royce With Chauffeurs & More

Discover bespoke experiences and opulent indulgences designed exclusively for discerning travellers.

by Mallika Khurana
Heading To London? A Suite At Hotel Café Royal Will Get You A Rolls Royce With Chauffeurs & More

Step into a world where luxury transcends the ordinary, where opulence meets bespoke elegance, and where every moment is a masterpiece crafted exclusively for the discerning traveller. Welcome to Hotel Café Royal, a haven of unparalleled extravagance nestled on London’s iconic Regent Street, inviting you to indulge in an extraordinary symphony of opulence and indulgence unlike any other. The unveiling of their latest jewel, ‘A Suite Journey,’ sets a new pinnacle in luxury hospitality. It invites guests to indulge in a realm where every moment is meticulously crafted for unparalleled delight.

Enjoy The Ultimate London Experience At Hotel Café Royal


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Imagine a stay where luxury transcends mere accommodation—a stay where the journey itself becomes an enchanting experience. Upon reserving a Junior Suite or above, guests will be into a world of exclusivity. The allure will begin with a complimentary personal chauffeur. From the sleek elegance of a Mercedes to the aristocratic embrace of a Rolls Royce, or for the daring souls, the exhilarating option of self-driving supercars, the choice is yours to make.

But the lavishness doesn’t stop there. Junior Suite occupants are treated to a welcome amenity curated by the revered Michelin-starred chef Alex Dilling.  To ensure that every whim is catered to with grace, a 24-hour butler service will also be provided. And for those occupying the higher echelons of luxury—Deluxe Suite and beyond—an exquisite array of offerings await. From a sumptuous three-course dinner served in the privacy of their suite to a pampering 60-minute Akasha massage for two, the hotel spares no effort in crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary.

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Elevate Your Luggage Luxury To New Heights


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However, the magnificence doesn’t end with ‘A Suite Journey.’ Hotel Café Royal, as a member of The Set Collection, unveils its prestigious collaboration with TUMI, the revered luggage connoisseur. The ‘Laundered Luggage’ service is an exclusive privilege for suite-level guests. It assures meticulous cleansing and fault-checking of their luggage to TUMI’s exceptional standards. After some rejuvenation, your luggage will be flawlessly delivered to your suite. It will also be accompanied by a personalized note detailing the rejuvenating services rendered.

Moreover, guests partaking in this extraordinary partnership gain access to VIP expedited repairs at TUMI’s flagship store on Regent Street. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that any luggage mishap can swiftly be remedied, ensuring an uninterrupted sojourn. And for those considering a new luggage purchase or unfortunate enough to misplace their baggage, a private shopping experience beckons within the comfort of their suite. This collaboration between Hotel Café Royal and TUMI isn’t just a service; it’s also the epitome of personalised luxury—a testament to a commitment to guest satisfaction beyond compare. 

So, for those seeking an unforgettable journey filled with unparalleled extravagance and thoughtful indulgence, Hotel Café Royal is definitely ready to weave a tale of luxury that surpasses all expectations. Experience a suite with lavish comforts along with a luggage service that redefines convenience. This isn’t just a stay, but an invitation to partake in a symphony of bespoke experiences.

Where: 10 Air St, London W1B 5AB, United Kingdom
Check-in time: after 3 pm local time
Cost: £1,295 (₹1,37,162 approx.)/night

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