Here’s How To Get The Best Treatment In Airplanes

by Kritika Kukreja
Here’s How To Get The Best Treatment In Airplanes

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Do you know what is the best method to get special treatment on a flight? Read on.

What Is It?

They say kindness is a virtue, and its true. Whether you’re anywhere, kindness takes you a long way. In the same way, when you’re on a flight, being nice to flight attendants can take you a long way. In a recent interview conducted with a flight attendants, they said the worst part about their job isn’t cleaning a dirty toilet or vomit on the seat, but being ignored by the passengers.

It was also revealed that people in the business class are treated better than people in the economy class, but that’s not related to their economic status.

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What Should You Do?

Everyone likes when they’re being treated nicely. Whether you’re a business executive or a even a regular employee, treating your peers right is the best way to go. But now we’re talking about getting the best treatment while you’re in a flight. To get the best treatment, you must learn to treat your best too! It’s a two-way street – if you’re smiling and being appreciative of the services offered by the attendants, they will be equally nice. It’s as simple as that!

So remember this tiny detail when you’re on a flight next time..

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