HH Sheikh Mohammed Gifts Horses & A Training Center To A 8-Year Old Iraqi Girl After Her Mare Passes Away

by Deeplata Garde
HH Sheikh Mohammed Gifts Horses & A Training Center To A 8-Year Old Iraqi Girl After Her Mare Passes Away

It’s difficult to imagine losing something that you are really attached to. Hence the entire world got emotional after watching the viral video of an Iraqi girl from Kurdistan crying after losing her mare. She considered it as her close friend and therefore couldn’t recover from the loss. Her emotions touched the hearts of millions and HH Sheikh Mohammed from Dubai as well. The Ruler of Dubai hence invited Lania Fakher to Dubai to gift her horses.

Sheikh Mohammed Surprises The 8-year With A Bunch Of Horses

According to Gulf Today, Lania Fakher, an Iraqi Kurdish youngster, repeatedly thanked His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, while she sobbed bitterly at the loss of her horse. His generosity is not a surprise to anyone around the globe. In order to make up for the loss of her beloved horse, he pledged to provide her with a bunch of horses.

In an interview with Gulf Today, the girl’s father, Fakher Muhammad Rasool, thanked His Highness for giving Lania a bunch of horses and for ordering the establishment of a training facility for her. The school and the horses will assist the youngest horse rider in Iraq realise her aspirations and ambitions.

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The Ruler Of Dubai Has Impressed The World With His Acts Of Generosity

This isn’t the first time the humble Ruler of Dubai has helped someone in need. Sheikh Mohammed has been quite renowned in the world for his acts of kindness. From donations to appreciation, the Ruler of Dubai makes you feel comfortable around him. The Iraqi and Arab media, as well as the founders of social networking sites in Iraq and abroad, paid close attention to Sheikh Mohammed’s initiative. They have called it a truly wonderful humanitarian effort that helped ease an Iraqi girl’s despair after she was severely affected by the tragic passing of her mare.

These deeds exhibit His Highness’s best leadership traits. Additionally, he consistently demonstrates generosity and empathy towards both his own people and those all across the world.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Pic Creds: Twitter/ Khaled AlShehhi, HH Sheikh Mohammed