How Cheap Is Bali?

by Kritika Kukreja
How Cheap Is Bali?

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Want to feel like a millionaire? Bali is the place to be!


The local currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupaiyah (IDR) and they don’t have tens, twenties & thirties. Their currency is in ten thousands, lakhs & millions! Wondering what’s the conversion? 1 lakh IDR = 480 INR! So here’s all that you need to know about Bali – 

Food & More

A soup bowl at a simple stall will cost you IDR 20,000, a fruit dessert at IDR 30,000, a wall hanging by IDR 30,000 and a Bintang Beer IDR 20,000.



A budget AC hotel per night can be covered for IDR 1.35 lakhs pn (₹648). If you’re opting for a mid-sized hotel, you’ll have to shell out IDR 3.49 lakhs pn (Rs 1678) and a luxurious room for IDR 1.8 mn pn (Rs 8,908).

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What Else?

You can eat at a local stall or a mid-sized restaurant for as little as IDR 50,000 per head (₹240) or you can eat at a luxury property like this for IDR 2,50,000 per head (₹1200)

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