“I’m Pretty Tall, Gonna Need Room!” Man Refuses To Swap Aisle Seat With An Elderly Woman On Flight

by Shreya Rathod
“I’m Pretty Tall, Gonna Need Room!” Man Refuses To Swap Aisle Seat With An Elderly Woman On Flight

Before boarding a plane, you must complete many tasks, one of which is checking in, during which you often select your seat. This benefit may occasionally be charged for, while it may also be covered by the cost of your ticket. However, some people swap their seats after boarding the flight. But this man refused to exchange his aisle seat with an elderly woman on flight.

Man Refuses To Swap Aisle Seat With Elderly Woman On A Flight

Didn’t give up my aisle seat for an old lady, AITAH
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A lot of people prefer to be able to choose where they sit, whether it’s so they can be close to the front or sit next to the person they’re travelling with. People clinging to their reserved seats on aeroplanes have sparked contentious debate online in recent months. One man stood his own despite an elderly passenger’s pleas.

The man was flying with his wife and made the reservation six months prior. In fact, he purposefully chose a worse-timed flight in order to have an aisle seat for a 10-hour flight. This is due, in part, to the fact that the man is almost 6 feet tall and needs extra space for his legs. Another reason is that he frequently uses the loo and needs to easily enter and exit.

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However, he discovered that an older woman was already seated there when he went to his designated aisle seat. In his Reddit thread, he explained that after hearing the woman, his wife acknowledged the fact that the woman was in a window seat. The woman replied that she needed to sit near the aisle so she could easily get in and out. However, the man chimed in and stated that he was very tall and would need the extra room.

The Woman Shifted Without Objection

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Despite her apparent displeasure, the woman shifted without resistance to the window seat. The woman who was sitting behind him gave him a filthy look and advised him to surrender the seat to the elderly person. He said, despite it being fairly challenging for everyone, that the elderly woman appeared to travel across the seats without incident.

Several commenters defended the passenger, with one adding that you paid for your particular seat for a purpose. She ought to have purchased an aisle seat if she had desired one. Another person commented on the boldness of the woman who refused to give up her seat in front of you.

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Another person said that their bookings were valid. The particular seat was purchased by you. Your desire for an aisle seat makes sense. You’re not required to give it up.

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