Indians Can Carry Only ₹25,000 In Cash While Travelling Abroad! Here’s What Experts Say

by Shreya Rathod
Indians Can Carry Only ₹25,000 In Cash While Travelling Abroad! Here’s What Experts Say

While travelling abroad, the payment method is one of the most important things to sort out. Travellers are confused about whether to use cash, credit cards or a mix of both. Moreover, without the right knowledge, sometimes they end up making the wrong decision. According to a recent IndiaLends report, over the previous year, applications for credit cards with a travel requirement have made up over 50% of all applications. With women making up about 52% of that demand! Here’s what experts say about the payment method during travel.

Credit Card Or Cash: The Right Payment Method While Travelling

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The debate over whether to use cash, debit, credit, or travel-focused credit persists even though most travellers have multiple options. The founder and CEO of IndiaLends, Gaurav Chopra, explores the best payment options for foreign travel in an interview with Hindustan Times. The most recent IndiaLends travel study indicates that more Indian tourists are choosing to use credit cards as their main form of payment when they travel.

Their convenience is the main factor contributing to this shift in preference. Additionally, you may enjoy security features, avoid carrying huge amounts of cash, and complete transactions quickly using them. This change reflects how the financial landscape is changing and how travellers are placing a higher value on rewards, security, and transparency.

According to their platform, the American Express Platinum Travel card, SBI ELITE credit card, and Axis Bank Vistara credit card are some of the most popular credit cards among travellers. These credit cards are quite popular among people who travel regularly and want to optimise their travel-related benefits because they come with a host of features including airline miles, travel incentives, lounge access, and more.

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Credit cards that are partnered with an airline or hotel chain, such as the Vistara credit card, maybe a wise option for regular travellers. These cards often offer fantastic benefits like extra miles and priority boarding, which enhance travel and eventually reduce expenses. To make sure the card’s benefits and rewards meet your needs, you must evaluate your purchasing and travel habits.

Indian Travellers Can Only Carry ₹25,000

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Indian travellers who are going abroad should know that they are only allowed ₹25,000 in luggage. This does not preclude you from using foreign cash or any other form of payment whilst travelling. It is usually preferable to utilise both when it comes to the ratio of cash to cards.

Having some cash in hand is useful in situations when credit or debit cards might not be accepted, for little purchases, or in an emergency. However, depending only on cash could put you in danger of loss or theft. Using credit cards in particular offers security, ease of use, and a record of your spending. Having a mix of credit cards and cash allows for flexibility and financial security when travelling overseas.

It’s critical to safeguard your credit card information when travelling abroad to avoid credit card fraud and skimming. To spot any odd conduct fast, keep a close watch on your credit card accounts and turn on transaction alerts. To obtain a replacement card if yours is lost or stolen, you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

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Have a backup payment option available, like cash or a second card that is securely stored apart from your primary cards, to ensure your financial security when abroad.

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